About Our Founders

Bob and Dottie King

Committed to Developing Thriving Youth

Bob and Dottie KingThe Thrive Center for Human Development is a result of a generous gift from Bob and Dottie King and the foundational scholarship of The Travis Research Institute’s former Center for Research on Child and Adolescent Development. Bob King is the Founder and former President of R. Eliot King & Associates, Inc., and an active venture investor in US and international companies. Dottie King partnered with her husband to launch R. Eliot King & Associates and was an active volunteer with many different youth organizations in addition to raising their three children.

Together Bob and Dottie wholeheartedly empower youth through their development into thriving adulthood.  One of the many ways they provide support is by hosting international students while they are in the United States pursuing education. They enjoy becoming a part of these students’ lives and supporting them in the pursuit of their goals. Bob and Dottie develop lifelong relationships with their students, and have been known to provide the initial support toward entrepreneurial endeavors. Hospitality and grace are two words that define who they are and what their legacy is.

Bob and Dottie are committed to supporting the positive development of youth through multiple venues. Together they believe in promoting pioneering research and youth work in a field that makes a real difference in people’s lives across the world. Bob and Dottie will have a legacy of touching and transforming the lives of youth through their support of our center. They have endowed the Thrive Center for Human Development at Fuller through four faculty positions, a center manager position and funds for operation of the center.

Bob and Dottie also created the Thrive Foundation for Youth in 1995 in Northern California to support organizations and environments that enable young people to thrive. The mission of the Thrive Foundation is to support organizations and environments that enable young people to thrive, becoming all that God intends. The Thrive Center joins the efforts of the Thrive Foundation and other organizations supporting youth development through our research and resources.