About Us

Thriving is about people. All people, all around the world. People as individuals, and people in community. A well-known fact is that all of us start out as children and grow into adulthood. The process of growing up is both natural and unavoidable. Yet while this detail is equally obvious and non-negotiable the nature of thriving is not. Thriving is unique and not guaranteed.

We want to know what the catalysts are for young people to thrive. We are focused on the stories of people who developed from adolescence into thriving adults. Our goal is to discover what ingredients mix together for people to thrive. Along these lines The Thrive Center serves two important aims, both to study human thriving and to provide practical tools and resources to nurture optimal human development.

Our defining question is – how do young people develop into thriving adults? This single question drives us forward.

The Thrive Center for Human Development was established in 2011 in Fuller’s Graduate School of Psychology with a dual mission to study human thriving and translate research into tangible resources. The Thrive Center Team is motivated not just by the generation of knowledge about thriving, but the desire to impact real youth and world communities. Collectively we seek to promote positive child and youth development through basic and applied research and the creation of interventions and resources for parents, educators, ministers, youth workers and other adults who invest in kids.

We promote human thriving by:

  1. Researching the development of child and adolescent spirituality, character and competence, and
  2. Providing resources for individuals and organizations that assist young people to become flourishing adults.


Thrive Promo from Fuller Theological Seminary on Vimeo.