Karen Aydelott

Executive Director
Pasadena YMCA (retired)

After nine years as the Executive Director of the Pasadena YMCA, Karen Aydelott retired June 2001. A graduate of Wellesley College with a BA in art history, Karen began her YMCA career in Minneapolis. As the executive director of the University of Minnesota YMCA, Karen’s work focused on leadership development, ethics, and service learning.

In 1996, Karen took a position as CEO of the San Luis Obispo County YMCA. During her tenure in San Luis Obispo, Karen served as the chair of the Mayor’s Youth Task Force, was a founding member of the Asset Development Network of San Luis Obispo County and the Civic Participation Initiative, and served as a steering committee member of the Action for Healthy Communities Collaborative.

While in Pasadena, Karen was a member of the Partnership for School Age Children, cochaired the Asset Development Network of Greater Pasadena and the MAP Work Group for Youth, Family and Community Engagement, and served on the Fuller Youth Initiative Community Advisory Board.