Lisseth Rojas-Flores, PhD

Dr. Rojas-Flores is an associate professor in the Department of Marriage and Family Therapy at Fuller Theological Seminary. She holds a BA from Georgia State University and a PhD from Adelphi University. Her primary research interests focus on trauma, youth violence prevention, and the quality of parent-child relationships and overall well-being of children and parents living in low-income immigrant families in the United States. She is also engaged in international research examining the impact of community violence on parents, teachers, and adolescents living in El Salvador. A bilingual/bicultural licensed clinical psychologist, Dr. Rojas-Flores takes a special interest in addressing the interrelationships between family, mental health, and social justice issues.

Thrive Center Projects

Dr. Rojas-Flores is collaborating with Dr. Benjamin Houltberg and other authors on a publication in process: Community Violence and Posttraumatic Stress among Salvadorian Adolescents: Testing the Role of Ecological Factors.