Lorne Rubis

Chief People Officer
ATB Financial

Lorne has had a diverse career that includes serving as vice president and company officer at US West, improving operations as VP of Operations for the LA Kings Hockey Club, and leading the transformation of a public company from a business-to-consumer to business-business enterprise. For the past eight years he served as CEO of a privately held, international technology company. In every case, his role has been to successfully lead teams and organizations through change, and that’s what he is doing at ATB Financial.

What Lorne is most passionate about is character—and how each one us can work at building our character, making a greater impact, and inspiring others. He has developed a playbook for doing just that called The Character Triangle. It emphasizes three distinct but interdependent values that we can each apply in our daily thoughts and actions: accountability, respect, and abundance. These values fit right into ATB’s leadership attributes. That’s why, he says, “ATB is a great fit for me; it’s an organization based on values and committed to continual improvement, and it’s exciting for me to be part of that.”