Spirituality Can Offer Youth More Than Education or Recreation Can Offer

Susan Wood Spirituality and Religion 2 Comments

Are you saying a synagogue or church can nurture thriving young people better than a great scouts program or a Boys and Girls Club with engaged, caring leaders? Do you think greater resources for character development can come from a healthy mosque or temple community than from a Little League team or a classroom whose coach or teacher connects with …


Invitation to Thrive: Transformation Towards Telos

Pamela Ebstyne King Identity, Spirituality and Religion 2 Comments

The installation address “An Invitation to Thrive” Her address went on to flesh out this invitation to thrive by explaining how she understands this goal for humankind—this “Transformation Towards Telos”—in 3 ways: First, as Christians we affirm that we are made in the image of God. And the Bible tells us that Christ is the perfect image of God. Becoming …


Building Virtues in Youth

Sarah Schnitker Sports, Virtue Development 0 Comments

Drs. Schnitker and Houltberg are project leaders for the research project Virtue Interventions in Adolescent Athletes: Context and Framing Effects, funded by the John Templeton Foundation. Teenagers have tremendous capacity for spiritual growth and thriving when they are embedded in a context telling them they have a purpose in life and that they are valuable and capable members of society. …