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Intellectual Humility Grants

Welcome to the Intellectual Humility Project. Below, you will find information about each of the research teams that we are working with and more information about each aspect of this unique and ground breaking project.

What are Sub-grants and Why Have Them?

One team of researches at one institution can only do so much and can only bring so much expertise and perspective to the table. Issuing sub-grants allows us to enfold and empower top scholars from around the world to help us all better develop and conduct cross-culturally valid research with the greatest potential impact.

View the Intellectual Humility Grantees

Opening Minds By Exposing The Illusion Of Understanding Opening Minds By Exposing The Illusion Of Understanding
Brown University
Steven Sloman

Humility, Conviction, and Disagreement in Morality: An Interdisciplinary Investigation
College of Charleston
Thomas Allen Nadelhoffer, Jen Wright

Cognitive Habits of Intellectual Humility
Cornell University
David Alan Dunning

Intellectual Humility, Legal Decision Making, and Wrongful Convictions
Duke University
Lasana Harris, Phillip Costanzo

Malleability of Intellectual Humility: The Flexible Merit Standard Model
Loyola University Chicago
Victor Ottati

Epistemic Bases of Intellectual Attitudes of Arrogance, Diffidence and Humility: Joint Effects of Need for Cognitive Closure and of Ascribed Epistemic Authority
University of Maryland
Arie Kruglanski

Neural, Cognitive, and Social Contributions to the Development of Intellectual Humility
Michigan State University
Judith H. Danovitch, Jason S. Moser

Intellectual Humility in Religious Leaders
University of North Texas
Joshua N. Hook

Intellectual Humility: The Elusive Virtue
University of Notre Dame
Mark Alfano, Daniel Lapsely, Paul Stey

The Development and Validation of a Scale of Intellectual Humility
Pepperdine University
Elizabeth Krumrei

Intellectual Humility and the Bias Blind Spot
Princeton University
Emily Pronin

Intellectual Humility and Cultural Diversity in Philosophy: An examination of the extent and implications of cultural diversity in philosophical intuition
Rutgers University
Stephen P. Stich, Edouard Machery

Why It Matters That We Disagree: Character, Situation, and Our Capacity to be Open-Minded
Siena College
Joshua Alexander

Intellectual Arrogance and Humility: An Evolutionary-Circumplex Model
University of Southampton
Aiden P. Gregg

Intellectual Humility and Beliefs About Intelligence
Stanford University
Carol Dweck

Humble Beginnings: Examining the Development of Intellectual Humility in Childhood
University of Texas, Austin
Christine H. Legare

Intellectual Humility Across Childhood in Three Cultures
University of Washington
Kristina R. Olson

Cognitive and Developmental Facets of Intellectual Humility
Yale University
Frank Keil, Kristi L. Lockhart

What's the St. Louis Portion of this Grant?

Check out “The Philosophy and Theology of Intellectual Humility” project website: http://humility.slu.edu/index.html

In short, the St Louis Portion of the IH initiatives is meant to explore the key concepts and philosophical and theological issues that undergird (and are informed by) the empirical research happening at Fuller.