2016–2017 Thrive Lab Off to a Great Start

Susan Wood News

Last year the Thrive Center formed the combined Thrive Lab that allows for collaborative learning, teaching, and professional formation across the four labs of our four core faculty. The combined group, which meets every other week during each quarter, has now met together twice. Two new doctoral students joined the group this year: Juliette Ratchford and Jane Zimmermann.

Regarding current research, the “Virtue Interventions in Adolescent Athletes: Context and Framing Effects” study has recruited over 250 participants at nearby high schools and continues to recruit this Fall to reach their goal of 480 adolescent participants. Those focused on the Team World Vision runners in the Chicago, Long Beach, and Los Angeles marathons are analyzing the data collected last year from the 397 participants.

The lab under Dr. King’s direction continues its work with understanding dynamics of emerging adult identity formation in the context of faith communities with analysis of Fuller Youth Institute’s (FYI) Growing Young data (Merola & King). In addition, Casey Taylor Shortt is leading a new project with Village Christian School: an evaluation and consultation on the role of adult mentors in their 1:5 Circles of Care program and thriving. Abbey Craigg is heading the follow up study of the Global Spiritual Exemplars who are now in their 20s. In addition, Dr. King just launched a collaboration with Compassion International, Tufts University, and Boston College on understanding how children and youth thrive in (or out) of poverty.