The Thrive Center at Society for Research on Adolescence, 2016

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The Thrive Center will be presenting at the Society for Research on Adolescence (SRA) in Baltimore, Maryland. See below for more information on presentation information and for links to calendar entries.

Poster Discussion Symposium: An Anchor in the Storm: Religion and Spirituality as Protective Factors Among At-Risk and/or Ethnic Minority Youth

Discussant: Pamela King, Fuller Theological Seminary
Chair: Meredith Hope, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Presentation Time: Thursday, March 31 (10:15am to 11:45am)
Presentation Location:
Hilton Baltimore, Holiday 1

God-Contingent Self-Worth Moderates the Effects of Religiousness on Regulation in At-Risk Adolescents and Emerging Adults 
Presenters: Sarah Schnitker, Fuller Theological Seminary; Benjamin Houltberg, Fuller Graduate School of Psychology; Nathaniel Fernandez, Fuller Theological Seminary; Nanyamka Redmond, Fuller Theological Seminary

Religious Support, Discrimination and Psychiatric Disorder of Black Adolescents in the National Survey of American Life Supplement 
Presenters: Yasmin Cole-Lewis, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor; Meredith Hope, University of Nebraska-Lincoln; Shervin Assari, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor; Cleopatra Caldwell, University of Michigan

Religious Behavior and Spirituality on Rural and Low Socioeconomic Status Adolescents’ Sociopolitical Values 
Presenters: Rebecca Olson, West Virginia University; Lauren Alvis, West Virginia University; Aaron Metzger, West Virginia University

The Role of Religiosity as a Protective Factor: Religious Beliefs Moderate Exposure to Violence for African American Adolescents 
Presenter: Donna Shannon, Fordham University; Loyola University Maryland

The Impact of Religiosity on the Delinquency of Maltreated Youth 
Presenter: Jill Comerford Schreiber, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville


Paper Discussion Symposium: Faith as fertile ground?: Exploring the social and cultural context of religious and spiritual development

Chair: Pamela King, Fuller Theological Seminary
Discussant: Chris Boyatzis, Bucknell University

Presentation Time: Thursday, March 31 (12:15pm to 1:45pm)
Presentation Location:
Hilton Baltimore, Carroll AB

Tridimensional group identity among Muslim-American adolescents: Associations with family and psychological functioning 
Presenters: Madiha Tasheen, University of Maryland, Baltimore County; Charissa Cheah, University of Maryland, Baltimore County

The identity formative characteristics of significant teachers as described by religious and non-religious Israeli students 
Presenter: Elli Schachter, Bar Ilan University, Israel;

I was ready to wear hijab to show everyone I am a proud Muslimâ:Development of religious practice in Muslim-American adolescents 
Presenters: Kathleen Cain, Gettysburg College; Isabella Schiro, Boston College

Exploring the social ecology of highly spiritual youth among diverse religious traditions from around the globe 
Presenters: Pamela King, Fuller Theological Seminary; Jonathan Weber, Fuller Theological Seminary; Mona Abo-Zena, Brown University;

Paper Discussion Symposium: Examining the relationship between adolescent spirituality, religiousness and regulation

Discussant: Amanda Morris, Oklahoma State University
Chair: Benjamin Houltberg, Pamela King, Fuller Graduate School of Psychology
Presentation Time: Friday, April 1 (10:15am to 11:45am)
Presentation Location: Hilton Baltimore, Douglass

The Role of Patience and Emotion Regulation Strategies in Explaining the Link Between Spiritual Transcendence and Youth Outcomes 
Presenters: Benjamin Houltberg, Fuller Graduate School of Psychology; Nanyamka Redmond, Fuller Theological Seminary; Sarah Schnitker, Fuller Theological Seminary

Regulation Moderates the Relation between Religiosity and Antisocial Behavior in Muslim Indonesian Adolescents
Presenters: Doran French, Purdue University; Urip Purwono, Padjadjaran University; Nancy Eisenberg, Arizona State University; Sharon Christ, Purdue University

Transcending time and place: Character, contribution, and intentional self regulation in the promotion of positive development
Presenters: Richard Lerner, Tufts University; Jacqueline Lerner, Boston College; Milena Batanova, Tufts University; Kristina Callina, Tufts University; Andrea Ettekal, Tufts University; Kaitlyn Ferris, Institute for Applied Research in Youth Development – Tufts University; Lacey Hilliard, Tufts University; Sara Johnson, Tufts University; Jun Wang, Tufts University; Michelle Weiner, Boston College

Roundtable: The Nature and Function of Natural Mentoring in Adolescent Development

Presentation Time: Friday, April 1 (3:45pm to 5:15pm)
Presentation Location: Hilton Baltimore, Holiday 3

Moderator: Peter Samuelson, The Thrive Foundation for Youth
Panelist: Jean Rhodes, University of Massachusetts- Boston
Panelist: Kent Pekel, Search Institute
Panelist: Pamela King, Fuller Theological Seminary
Panelist: Michael Garringer, MENTOR