Thrive Center Seeks Executive Director

Susan Wood News

Position Description

Executive Director

Thrive Center for Human Development
School of Psychology
Fuller Theological Seminary, Pasadena, CA


morrisbergerpostiondescrThe Thrive Center for Human Development at Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, California, seeks a visionary, innovative leader as executive director. The Thrive Center was established in 2011 based on the former Center for Research for Child and Adolescent Development within the School of Psychology at Fuller, with the dual mission to study human thriving and to translate that research into tangible resources. More specifically, the Center’s mission is to promote human thriving by researching the development of child and adolescent spirituality, character, identity, and competence in context, and by guiding and informing individuals, organizations, and communities who are assisting young people to become flourishing adults. In pursuit of understanding thriving, the Center emphasizes the importance of spirituality, character virtues, and purpose-based identity, and the relationships and systems that support them.

Reporting to the Dean of the School of Psychology at Fuller Theological Seminary and working closely with the faculty of the Thrive Center, the Thrive Center executive director will be responsible for the collaborative development and implementation of the Thrive Center vision, mission, and strategic plan. The executive director will accomplish this by understanding the needs of potential utilizers of Thrive Center research and connecting those needs with the existing and potential products, services, and capabilities of the Thrive Center. The executive director will be both internally and externally focused, thus greatly extending the reach of the Thrive Center. Ideally, strong candidates will have held positions in which strategic planning and implementation were major activities. Although experience working in academic institutions is a plus, successful candidates may also come from the profit or nonprofit sector with a background in managing/directing. Strong candidates will therefore have experience with strategic planning, budgeting, staffing, fundraising or marketing, research, and promotion/branding. Experience working with customers/clients and industry/professional organizations, at multiple levels, is especially important. Experience working in national and local youth-serving organizations and/or in research organizations is preferred. Experience working in a faith based, nonprofit organization is also preferred. A master’s degree is a minimum requirement.

The Thrive Center has retained Morris & Berger to conduct the Executive Director search. To apply, please submit application, including resume and a letter of interest, in confidence to Morris & Berger through their website: