Project Timeline

  • Development of Position Paper

    Through a series of working meetings, the research team will construct a position paper that critically and constructively illustrates how perspectives from evolutionary psychology and Christian theological anthropology may mutually inform each other concerning human thriving.

  • Theology Forum

    In September 2013, several leading theologians gathered at Fuller Theological Seminary for the Thrive Theology Forum. The discussion focused on what various doctrines of the church contribute to an understanding of the human telos and human thriving.

  • Book Manuscript

    A book manuscript will be drafted from May 2014 to December 2014. After convening forums and in the process of teaching the seminary course, in January 2015 through August 2015, the book manuscript will be revised and the articles will be written and short videos for classroom or general dissemination use will be created.

  • Social Science Forum

    To expand on their work of understanding of the human telos and human thriving, Thrive Center faculty members will provide further expertise from evolutionary psychology, developmental psychology, positive psychology, social psychology, and family studies. Together they will produce an evolutionary psychology framework for presentation to other prominent social scientists.

  • Summer Workshop


  • Clergy Forum

    This third forum will bring in leading pastors in order to gather perspectives on the relevance and application of this work to the church. This will be a daylong forum, where clergy will provide feedback on the manuscript in regards to implications of evolutionary psychology and human thriving for worship, discipleship, and missions.

  • Graduate Seminar

    A seminar on evolutionary psychology at Fuller Seminary will be offered, using the manuscript as one primary text. The questions, comments, and concerns of students will be gathered to revise the manuscript and the course curriculum and produce narrower synoptic articles for general Christian audiences, Christian leadership audiences, and scholarly audiences. The course curriculum will be revised for offering again in Fall 2015 and will be made available to other seminaries as either a traditional or an on-line course.

  • Summer Workshop