Research Labs

Intellectual Virtues

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Justin Barrett

Students: Matt Jarvinen, Tom Paulus

Lab Description: Visit the Intellectual Humility pages by Clicking Here.

Instrumental Virtues

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Sarah Schnitker

Students: Alyssa Anderson [CV], Thomas Felke [CV], Nathaniel Fernandez [CV], Kelsy Richardson [CV], Diana Ro [CV], Matthew Russell [CV], Abigail Shepherd [CV], Ryan Thomas [CV]

Lab Description:

Relational Capacity and Ministry Effectiveness

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Justin Barrett

Students: Candace Coppinger, Christina Kabiri

Lab Description: According to R. Dunbar’s work an individual can maintain approximately 150 relationships. The primary focus of this project is ministers who seek to build more and more relationships.  What are the consequences of relational ministry on ministers’ social networks, life satisfaction, and ministry outcomes? Are these consequences mediated by attachment style or previous trauma?’

Research on Adolescent Thriving and Spirituality

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Pamela Ebstyne King

Students: Drew Carr, Rashida Mosley, Sonia Mims, Erika Sy, Jonathon Weber, Brook Yetter, Lisa Criswell, Darrell Walters, Christine Merola

Lab Description: The Lab for Research on Adolescent Thriving and Spirituality (Lab RATS) aims to further an understanding of adolescent thriving and religious and spiritual development. Specifically, the focus of Lab RATS research expires what it means for youth to thrive across various contexts, what promotes thriving in young people, and what issues are related to the nature and function of religion in spirituality in the lives of diverse youth.

Current Projects: 

Exemplar of Spiritual Thriving in Adolescence: An Exploratory Study
This study aims to identify core principles of spiritual development that are found in youth recognized in their culture for living with profound spirituality . The study involves in-depth interviews with 32 adolescent spiritual exemplars from Peru, Kenya, India, Jordan, Great Britain, and the US.  The research team is also exploring related topics of fidelity, transcendence, purpose, and spiritual coping.

Tijuana Youth Project: Measuring Spiritual Development among Diverse Youth
This study is part of the larger Child Well-Being Indicators Project (World Vision International), aims to develop a measurement tool for assessing spiritual development among diverse adolescents.  Based on findings from the Adolescent Spiritual Exemplar Study, this study proposes and tests a measure of adolescent spirituality that is based on the concepts of transcendence, fidelity, and action.  The pilot test is being conducted with World Vision in Tijuana, Mexico.

Religion as Resource for Positive Youth Development

This ongoing research program draws on various existing data sets in order to explore how religion and spirituality serve as developmental resources for adolescents. In addition to exploring positive correlates are related to various expressions of religion and spirituality, these studies also explore the mechanisms behind these relationships.

Cognition, Religion, and Culture

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Justin Barrett

Post-Doctoral Students: Dr. Ryan Hornbeck

Students: Tina Keys, Brianna Bentley, Gregory Foley, Lisa Gonzales, Tyler Greenway

Lab Description: