Student Research Fellows & Assistants

Student Research Fellows

Each year two students are awarded the prestigious Thrive Center Fellowship. Thrive fellows are given the unique opportunity to work both for the center as a whole and individually on specific research projects. Thrive fellows hold senior positions in their labs, collaborate with faculty, and share their general expertise with work on center based projects.

Nathaniel Fernandez
Fellow 2013-2014

Nathaniel is a 3rd year student and Thrive Center Fellow. His research and clinical work are focused on adolescents and emerging adults. He is currently a practicum therapist at a university counseling center and involved in research projects helping adolescents develop mindfulness skills and virtues. Nathaniel also has an interest in statistical analysis and assessment and is involved in research on new ways of assessing people's strengths.

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Kelsy Richardson
Fellow 2013-2014

Kelsy Richardson is a third year doctoral student of clinical psychology at Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, CA. She received a master’s degree of Psychology in June of 2013 and is currently working on a master’s degree in Theology and Christian Ministry in addition to her doctorate in Clinical Psychology. Kelsy is currently working as a staff therapist at Vanguard University’s Counseling Center where she counsels college students with varying degrees of psychological and faith issues. As a Thrive Scholar’s Fellow at Fuller’s Thrive Research Center, she is involved in researching the social and spiritual aspects of gratitude. Kelsy is passionate about building a bridge between the academic research of the psychology world and the church. She hopes to be a resource to local church leaders, particularly by equipping pastors and families in the areas of youth and adolescent thriving.

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Student Research Assistants

In addition to Thrive fellows the center hires doctoral students as research assistants on funded projects. Research assistants conduct original research, gain valuable academic experience and publish career enhancing publications and presentations. The center currently employs thirteen research assistants.

Amber Blews
Rebecca Burnside
TJ Felke
Thrive Fellow, 2012-2013
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Nathaniel Fernandez
Thrive Fellow, 2013-2014
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Tyler Greenway
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Matt Jarvinen
Christina Kabiri
Tom Paulus
Candace Pickett
Nanyamka Redmond
William Whitney
Ashley Wilkins