Moving from Performance to Purpose in Youth Sports

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Millions of youth devote a substantial amount of their childhood to sports. Undoubtedly, spending this much time in any activity will impact their lives. The common adage “sports produces character” captures the prominent reason children, teenagers, and young adults are encouraged to participate in sports: an assumption that the lessons learned in sports will equate to success in life. However, …

Drs. King and Argue to speak at Yale for Joy and Adolescent Faith and Flourishing Series

Susan Wood

  “Joy on Purpose” will be the topic of the lecture given by Pamela Ebstyne King and Steven Argue in this first lunch and lecture this year—the fourth year of the “Joy and Adolescent Faith and Flourishing Series” put on by the Yale Youth Ministry Institute, within the Yale Center for Faith & Culture. For more information about this series: …


Do Mountaintop Spiritual Experiences Really Make a Difference?

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I have a vivid memory of the last night at youth group camp as a high school freshman: As wind howled around us, we sat close together, snuggled in a blanket and singing loudly against the rushing of leaves. For the first time, I felt a deep sense of closeness with the people around me and with God. I transcended …


Spirituality Can Offer Youth More Than Education or Recreation Can Offer

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Are you saying a synagogue or church can nurture thriving young people better than a great scouts program or a Boys and Girls Club with engaged, caring leaders? Do you think greater resources for character development can come from a healthy mosque or temple community than from a Little League team or a classroom whose coach or teacher connects with …

PRESS RELEASE: Templeton Foundation Awards 3-Year Research Grant to Fuller Seminary

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TEMPLETON FOUNDATION AWARDS 3-YEAR RESEARCH GRANT TO FULLER SEMINARY. Fuller’s Thrive Center for Human Development to study character and virtue development in adolescent athletes. Fuller Theological Seminary’s Thrive Center for Human Development has received a three-year, $780,159 research grant from the Templeton Foundation to examine the best ways to develop character strengths and virtues in adolescents. The study—the first of …