“You Aren’t as Smart as You Think You Are”

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“I went to a news website, clicked on the headline story, and scrolled down to the comments section. There it was: people calling each other ignorant, uneducated, and stupid. It took me all of one minute to find evidence of incivility centered on questioning the intellectual inferiority of others. I don’t know if intellectual humility is at an all-time low, …

Dr. Justin L. Barrett Lectures in Cambridge and Moscow

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Director of the Thrive Center for Human Development, Dr. Justin L. Barrett, gave lectures last week on the Cognitive Science of Religion (CSR) in Cambridge, UK, and in Moscow, Russia. This was Dr. Barrett’s second trip to the United Kingdom this year, the first being in July. Last week, Barrett spoke to the Hills Road Sixth Form school and the …

Dr. Justin L. Barrett Interviewed for “The Table”

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Thrive Center Director, Dr. Justin Barrett, was interviewed for “The Table,” the blog for Biola University’s Center for Christian Thought. Dr. Barrett speaks about a number of topics studied at the Thrive Center, including cognitive development, spiritual wellbeing, social relationships, and humility. To watch Dr. Barrett’s interview and read the transcript, visit the article on “The Table” by CLICKING HERE. Link:

Justin Barrett Speaks at Cognitive Science of Religion Conference, “Is Christianity Natural”

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Thrive Center Director, Dr. Justin Barrett, spoke at the Cognitive Science of Religion Conference, “Is Christianity Natural?” at Seattle Pacific University on September 13-14th, 2013. Barrett was an invited plenary speaker at the conference alongside Emory University’s Robert McCauley. In the conference’s opening plenary session, Barrett was the respondent to McCauley’s lecture, “Why Religion is Natural and Science Is Not.” …

Thriving Through Submission by Dr. Justin L. Barrett

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In the context of discussing Thomas Aquinas’s view of the incarnation, Gerald O’Collins writes that “the incarnation should also be recognized as the highest conceivable development for humanity” (2002, p. 17). If so, we may profitably wonder what features or properties of the incarnation contribute to or constitute “the highest conceivable development for humanity” such that we may strive to …

Professor Justin Barrett Speaks at NATO Headquarters

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Written for and originally posted on Dr. Justin Barrett, professor and director of Fuller’s Thrive Center for Human Development, spoke at the North Atlantic Treaty Organization headquarters in Brussels, Belgium last week as part of a briefing for a research project which brings together the work of military experts and social scientists to advise some of NATO’s future activities. This was Barrett’s fourth meeting …

Dr. Justin L. Barrett Mentioned in The New York Times

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Dr. Justin Barrett, director of The Thrive Center for Human Development, was mentioned in an opinion column for the New York Times written by Tanya Luhrmann. The article, published on October 14, 2013, explores the reasons for belief in the supernatural and includes mention of Dr. Barrett’s research. You can read the article in its entirety here:

Dr. Justin L. Barrett’s Installation Service

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It’s hard to believe that it has been nearly one year since Dr. Justin Barrett’s installation as the chair of the Thrive Center for Human Development. If you missed his installation service, here’s a chance to watch it. Justin L. Barrett, PhD Installation Service from Fuller Seminary on Vimeo.