Finding Yourself in an Ocean of Options

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Youth today have so many options: Kids are invited to follow people on Facebook. Follow groups. Follow trends. They’re barraged with Tweets and Instagrams calling them to like: LIKE  LOVE  RESPOND NOW  BELONG  It’s dizzying. There are so many options to follow: It’s hard to know who you are and to whom you belong when you are following so much. …


What Makes a Youth Service Organization Effective? Nine Principles

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Suppose you’re developing an after-school program for neighborhood youth. Maybe you already run such a program but you wonder if it’s missing some important components. Take a look at what research by the Thrive Foundation learned about the most effective youth organizations. They found eight of the most highly effective youth service organizations nationwide and looked for what they had …


Spirituality Can Offer Youth More: Belonging—the Social Dimension

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– Part 2 of a 3-part series – The first installment of this three-part series, “Spirituality Can Offer Youth More Than Education or Recreation Can Offer,”   began explaining why Thrive Center researchers and others make this claim: Although many communities and programs contribute to positive youth development, spiritual and religious communities, unlike other contexts, operate in three dimensions: ideological, social, …


Invitation to Thrive: Transformation Through Transcendence

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  In the previous excerpt from her installation address, entitled “Transformation Towards Telos,” Rev. Dr. Pam King explained how she understands this goal for human development in 3 ways: Continuing her discussion of thriving as happening through relationships, Dr. King went on to elaborate: My research has demonstrated that not all relationships or not all interactions are the same. Interactions …