Spirituality Can Offer Youth More: The Transcendent Dimension

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– Part 3 of a 3-part series – This three-part series has been explaining why Thrive Center researchers and others make this claim: Many communities and programs contribute to positive youth development. Yet spiritual and religious communities, unlike other contexts, operate in three dimensions: ideological, social, and transcendent: This combination makes spiritual contexts especially potent—for good or for bad. Now …

PRESS RELEASE: Templeton Foundation Awards 3-Year Research Grant to Fuller Seminary

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TEMPLETON FOUNDATION AWARDS 3-YEAR RESEARCH GRANT TO FULLER SEMINARY. Fuller’s Thrive Center for Human Development to study character and virtue development in adolescent athletes. Fuller Theological Seminary’s Thrive Center for Human Development has received a three-year, $780,159 research grant from the Templeton Foundation to examine the best ways to develop character strengths and virtues in adolescents. The study—the first of …