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Dr. Pam King

Peter L. Benson Associate Professor of Applied Developmental Science

About Dr. King

Dr. Pam King is Peter L. Benson Associate Professor of Applied Developmental Science at the Fuller Graduate School of Psychology and head faculty member at the Thrive Center. Dr. King’s primary academic interests are applied research at the intersection of human thriving and spiritual development. She has extensively studied and written on conceptualizations of thriving and positive youth development. Her work combines theology, empirical research, and community engagement to further understand what contexts and settings enable youth to thrive. In addition to her scholarship, she finds deep joy in teaching and mentoring students at Fuller.

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Dr. Lisseth Rojas-Flores

Associate Professor of Clinical Psychology
Thrive Center Affiliate Faculty

About Dr. Rojas-Flores

Dr. Lisseth Rojas-Flores is an Associate Professor of Clinical Psychology at the Fuller Graduate School of Psychology. Her primary research interests focus on trauma, youth violence prevention, the quality of parent-child relationships, and overall well-being of children and parents living in low-income immigrant families in the United States. She is also engaged in international research examining the impact of community violence on parents, teachers, and adolescents living in El Salvador.

Dr. Rojas-Flores’s teaching, research, and scholarship are deeply informed by culture and context. As a bilingual/bicultural licensed clinical psychologist, she takes a special interest in addressing the interrelationships between family, mental health, and social justice issues.

Learn more about Dr. Rojas-Flores here.

Dr. Joey Fung

Associate Professor of Psychology
Thrive Center Affiliate Faculty

About Dr. Fung

Dr. Joey Fung is an Associate Professor of Psychology at Fuller Theological Seminary. Her research interests lie in parenting, mindfulness, and culture and child psychopathology. Together with her students and colleagues, she is conducting research on school-based prevention intervention for ethnic minority youths, spirituality and mindfulness, and identifying nontraditional delivery systems of mental health care in international settings.

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Dr. Stephanie Trudeau

Postdoctoral Research Associate

About Dr. Trudeau

Dr. Stephanie Trudeau is a Postdoctoral Research Associate with the Thrive Center. Trained as a Medical Family Therapist and a Family Social Scientist from the University of Minnesota, her academic and clinical expertise utilizes a biopsychosocial-spiritual and systemic lens in order to examine illness and recovery across family and social systems. She has dedicated her scholarly and clinical career toward developing a deeper understanding of how families cope in the face of adversity, trauma, and grief.

Her research and clinical interests include families and chronic illness, the integration of behavioral health into primary and tertiary care settings, program development and evaluation, interdisciplinary team dynamics, burnout prevention and recovery and the function spirituality has as a coping and meaning-making mechanism.

At the Thrive Center, Dr. Trudeau is focusing her research efforts on the intersection of thriving and spirituality, beliefs, meaning making, gratitude, and family systems level thriving. She will be a Co-Investigator for the Thrive Center's Shades of Gratitude Project, as well as a Co-Investigator on a sub-study following Fetzer’s Study of Spirituality in America.



Dr. Susan Mangan

Postdoctoral Research Associate

About Dr. Mangan

Dr. Susan Mangan is a Postdoctoral Research Associate with the Thrive Center. As a positive developmental psychologist, Dr. Mangan is interested in how we, as individuals and as a society, can lead happier, more fulfilling lives. At the Thrive Center, Dr. Mangan is focusing her research efforts on positive youth development, gratitude, and joy. She will be the co-Investigator for the Thrive Center's Shades of Gratitude Project.

As a scholar more broadly, Dr. Mangan's research focuses on positive psychology interventions, well-being, psychological need satisfaction, and emerging adulthood. She also has a strong background in evaluation, statistics, and community program development.

Dr. Mangan has been a longtime fan of the Thrive Center and is excited to contribute to its ongoing success. Read her latest blog posts on how to find awe during COVID-19, along with other blog contributions here


Dr. Rodrigo Riveros

Postdoctoral Research Associate

About Dr. Riveros

Dr. Rodrigo Riveros is a Postdoctoral Research Associate with the Thrive Center. He holds an MA and PhD in Brain and Cognitive Science from University of Southern California and MRes in Neuropsychology and Rehabilitation from University of Birmingham (UK).

His research interest focuses on how adolescents construct abstract, generative, and moral visions for their adulthood, and how these general capabilities are expressed in life goals, spirituality, and sense of civic participation, among other pursuits of self-transcendence. Combining neuroimaging, behavioral analysis, and interviews, Dr. Riveros uses interdisciplinary research on life narratives and goal setting to uncover the neuropsychological mechanisms contributing to identity, intrinsic motivation, and purposeful thinking.

Dr. Riveros is also interested in how neuropsychological research can be used to support the inclusion of historically marginalized persons, such as adolescents and older adults from low-SES communities, as well as persons with neuropsychiatric illnesses and disabilities.


Andrea Gonzalez

Andrea Gonzalez

Thrive Center Manager, The Thrive Center for

About Andrea

Andrea Gonzalez first joined the Thrive Center as Administrative Assistant, Communications Specialist, and later became Manager. A native of Los Angeles, she brings with her marketing, social media, and strong administrative skills. Andrea received her BS in Marketing from California State University, Northridge.

Andrea’s love of her faith and the arts has also inspired her to pursue a certificate in Theology and the Arts in Fuller Theological Seminary.

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