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Adolescence is a meaningful and challenging period in life when youth experience many social, physical, and psychological changes; explore their individual identities; and learn how to navigate their social world. Parents, coaches, mentors, and youth practitioners may at times feel overwhelmed and conflicted on how best support teens as they transition from childhood to adulthood.

Research suggests that involvement and support from caring adults is critical during adolescence. Therefore, our aim with this blog is to provide those who care for youth with the latest research on positive youth development and resources that promote adolescent thriving.


Nurturing Joy in Youth During the Holidays, Pt. 2

By Fred Defoy | December 16, 2019

Thrive Fellow, Fred Defoy continues his discussion on the activators that promote joy in youth during the holidays.

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Nurturing Joy in Youth During the Holidays, Pt. 1

By Fred Defoy | December 9, 2019

How can we nurture joy in youth when faced by challenges? Thrive Fellow, Fred Defoy outlines the activators that can enable joy.

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Why Giving Thanks Matters

By Susan Mangan | November 26, 2019

What does research tell us about giving thanks? Dr. Susan Mangan shares the key benefits and how we can nurture gratitude in our kids.

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Our Top 6 Apps for Thriving

By Thrive Center | October 31, 2019

Can apps promote thriving? Our Thrive team shares their recommendations on 6 apps to boost your relationships, beliefs, and purpose.

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5 Best Practices to Encourage Emotion Regulation in Teens

By Leanne Bishara | October 30, 2019

Learn how you can foster emotion regulation in youth with these 5 practices.

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3 Ways to Support and Increase Emotional Awareness in Teens

By Leanne Bishara | September 26, 2019

As parents, it’s hard to understand teens’ emotions. Learn how you can help youth process their emotions as they develop in adults.

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