How Michael Phelps’ Rehab Trip Can Teach You Lessons

By Benjamin Houltberg and Ryan Jay Owens


I wound up uncovering a lot of things about myself that I probably knew, but I didn’t want to approach. One of them was that for a long time, I saw myself as the athlete that I was, but not as a human being.

Michael Phelps


Podcast Summary

Former Thrive Center faculty member, Dr. Benjamin Houltberg joins Ryan Jay Owens from Beyond Athletics Podcast to reflect on Olympian, Michael Phelp’s rehab trip and how athletes can better understand and manage their emotional responses during competition through purpose.



This podcast was originally published by Beyond Athletics Podcast.


About the Speaker

Benjamin Houltberg

Dr. Benjamin Houltberg was the former Associate Professor of Human Development at the Thrive Center in the Fuller Graduate School of Psychology. His research centers on relational factors that impact emotional health within high-stress environments. Much of his current work is on the role of identity development and character virtues in sport as they relate to emotional health and athletic performance. He is also a founding member of Hope Sports.


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