Patience | Work

By Benjamin Houltberg, Sarah Schnitker, Sherre Hirsch, Tasneem Noor, and Harlan Redmond


Thrive Center faculty, non-profit leaders, and ministers reflect on impatience in work, how patience increases job satisfaction and helps in achieving goals, and the misunderstandings about success.


This interview is part of our five-part video series, “Patience,” in collaboration with FULLER Studio


About the Panelists

Benjamin Houltberg

Dr. Benjamin Houltberg was the former Associate Professor of Human Development at the Thrive Center in the Fuller Graduate School of Psychology. His research centers on relational factors that impact emotional health within high-stress environments. Much of his current work is on the role of identity development and character virtues in sport as they relate to emotional health and athletic performance. He is also a founding member of Hope Sports.


Sarah Schnitker

Dr. Sarah Schnitker is the former Associate Professor of Psychology at the Thrive Center in the Fuller Graduate School of Psychology. She specializes in the study of patience, self-control, gratitude, and thrift. Dr. Schnitker has procured more than $3.5 million in funding as a principle investigator on multiple research grants, and she has published in a variety of scientific journals and edited volumes.


Sherre Hirsch

Rabbi Sherre Hirsch is an author and spirituality expert with a mission to empower individuals to become more in tune with their well-being, more intentional in their way of life, and more confident in their ability to impact the world. Rabbi Hirsch currently serves as the Senior Rabbinic Scholar for Hillel International and is a frequent speaker at Canyon Ranch. Her publications include We Plan, God Laughs, a top 100 in all books, and Thresholds.


Tasneem Noor

Tasneem Noor is the author of the best-selling book, The Faith Connection. As an emerging faith leader, her mission is to establish thriving, peaceful communities where conversations of faith build bridges of compassion and collaboration. She is the founder of Noor Enterprises: SOULful Transformation, and serves as the Program Co-Director for NewGround: A Muslim-Jewish Partnership for Change and Interfaith Minister-in-Residence.


Harlan Redmond

Harlan Redmond is the former Executive Director of Harambee Ministries. During his time as Executive Director, he restored an organization that has been the force of systemic change in the struggling Northwest Pasadena area. His work includes forming a transitional home for single mothers, a community garden and feeding program, and The PUSH Catering. Redmond has also spoken at local churches and communities about racial reconciliation.


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