Streaming Religiously: Rethinking Media Consumption

By Kutter Callaway, Pamela King, and Ruth Smidt


Dr. Kutter Callaway, Associate Professor of Theology and Culture at Fuller Theological Seminary, Dr. Pamela King, Thrive Center faculty member, and Ruth Schmidt, Director of Programming and Operations at the Brehm Center, joined FULLER Fridays to discuss the impact of technology on spiritual development and the importance of rethinking our media consumption. Register to watch this webinar recording.


Additional Resources

  1. Read Telos, Technology, and Thriving by Dr. Pamela King.
  2. Watch Technology and Youth by Drs. Sarah Schnitker and Madison Gilbertson.


This presentation was published on FULLER Fridays, an eight-week webinar series in response to COVID-19.


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