Technology and Youth

By Sarah Schnitker and Madison Kawakami Gilbertson


Dr. Sarah Schnitker, Associate Professor of Psychology at Baylor University, and Madison Kawakami Gilbertson, former Thrive Scholars Fellow and PhD student in Psychological Science, explore how digital technology might advance young people’s spiritual lives and virtues at the 2019 Fuller Missiology Lectures.


This presentation was originally published on FULLER Studio. Watch the original video.


About the Speakers

Sarah Schnitker

Dr. Sarah Schnitker is the former Associate Professor of Psychology at the Thrive Center in the Fuller Graduate School of Psychology. She specializes in the study of patience, self-control, gratitude, and thrift. Dr. Schnitker has procured more than $3.5 million in funding as a principle investigator on multiple research grants, and she has published in a variety of scientific journals and edited volumes.


Madison Kawakami Gilbertson

Dr. Madison Gilbertson was a Thrive Scholars Fellow from 2016-2017 and 2018-2019. She holds a PhD in Psychological Science at the Fuller Theological Seminary. Her research focuses on virtue and character development, belonging, and diversity in educational environments. She hopes to find ways to bring researchers and practitioners together to develop practices that support thriving in educational environments.


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