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Thriving cannot be achieved without practices that will ground, connect, and direct our journeys.

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Our Thrive Model in the simplest form posits that thriving cannot be achieved without practices that build virtuous habits and identity. Such practices may not only help you change your life, but also the world around you. Our goal is to convert our research into tools to promote thriving, and measure the impact of those tools on human thriving.


Life Off Autopilot: The Power of Purpose

By Pamela Ebstyne King | Aug 28, 2023

This is Part 1 of a 2-part series. “The meaning of life is discovering our gift, the purpose of life is giving it away.” Pablo Picasso Purpose is a core facet of spiritual health. Healthy spirituality provides more than a sense of connection, feelings of awe, or even an understanding of what is meaningful; spiritual…

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 Want to become more present, healthy, and connected? Pay attention to your body (Part 2)

By Lauren Van Vranken | Aug 21, 2023

Embodiment is when we feel “a sense of positive connection or being at one with our body.” H. McBride Last month I discussed the importance of attuning to the body and offered a practice of telling the story of your body –  past, present, and future. As we pay attention to our bodily needs, we become…

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Want to become more present, healthy, and connected? Pay attention to your body (Part 1).

By Lauren Van Vranken | Aug 1, 2023

“If you’re willing to pay attention to and dialogue with what’s happening inside of you, you’ll find that your body already knows the answers about how to live a full, present, connected, and healthy life.” – Dr. Hillary L. McBride Recently, I sat on the beach in Santa Monica on a chilly evening with hopes…

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Is Perfectionism causing you trouble?

By Kenneth Wang | Jul 1, 2023

Thrive Center’s Jilleen Westbrook in Conversation with Dr. Kenneth Wang I sat down with Dr. Kenneth Wang to discuss the topic of perfectionism. He, with his Imperfect Culture Lab, looks at “how perfectionism affects individuals and families across various cultures.” Given that we live in such a performance-oriented culture and that social media elevates pressure…

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How does spirituality help during difficulty?

By Sean Noe | Jun 1, 2023

Evidence from a study of youth in El Salvador For the last three years, I’ve been a Fellow at the Thrive Center as I pursue a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology. My connection with Thrive began as a student researcher, as I have interests in studying religion and spirituality as they relate to thriving and positive development…

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Thrive Book List – Summer 2023

By Jilleen Westbrook | Jun 1, 2023

RELATIONSHIP EDITION “…human transformation ultimately occurs through love—the process of being known and knowing another.” Dr. Pam King “Love is the greatest, and may it always be so.” Dr. Terry Hargrave As Dr. Pam King wrote in The Reciprocating Self , we grow in and through our “relationship with the divine and the human other.”…

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Conversing on Thriving

By Pamela Ebstyne King | Nov 12, 2019

Pamela King discusses how community and purpose contribute to human development and flourishing.

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Helping Youth with Failure

By Pamela Ebstyne King | Mar 22, 2019

Pamela King talks purpose, spirituality, and social connection as assets for helping youth overcome failure.

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Photo of Benjamin Houltberg

Conversing on Sports

By Benjamin Houltberg | Oct 9, 2018

Benjamin Houltberg reflects on working with elite athletes, performance-based identity, and the role of community in sports.

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Performance vs. Purpose

By Benjamin Houltberg | Aug 19, 2018

Benjamin Houltberg discusses the impact performance and success have on emotional wellbeing.

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What It Means to Thrive in Life and How to Do It

By Benjamin Houltberg | Oct 26, 2017

Benjamin Houltberg defines thriving, sharing the key ways anyone can live a flourishing and purposeful life.

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Installation Address: An Invitation to Thrive

By Pamela Ebstyne King | May 16, 2016

In her installation address, Pamela King speaks on thriving as an invitation to embrace our purpose in God’s ongoing story.

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Cultivating Our Capacity for Joy

Pamela King speaks on how we can cultivate our joy “muscles” and the benefits of joy.

Gratitude & Thriving

Pamela King reflects on how gratitude can both guide us toward thriving and the good life.

Neuroscience of Spiritual Formation

Psychologists and neuroscientists discuss how spirituality plays a vital role in our thriving.

Mindful Parenting During COVID-19

Mindfulness experts share ways parents and caregivers can manage stress and practice self-compassion.

Parenting During COVID-19

Child psychologists share ways parents and caregivers can support their children's mental health.

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Spiritual & Mental Health in Kids

Experts share ways the church and parents can address kids' spiritual and mental health needs during COVID-19.

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DACA Thriving Tuesdays 6

Our moderators talk about the complexity of the DACA ruling and moving forward.

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DACA Thriving Tuesdays 5

Our moderators process what the DACA ruling means for our community.

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DACA Thriving Tuesdays 4

Our moderators point to the importance of embracing creativity and spirituality.

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DACA Thriving Tuesdays 3

Our moderators talk about building community and healthy relationships.

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