Thriving Through COVID-19

We have produced and compiled resources to help you and others thrive during this trying time. We address key skills and offer a variety of practices for cultivating your own strengths to remain agile and adaptive in these days. We invite you to attend to your own personal growth with and for others.

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Our Thrive Model in the simplest form posits that thriving cannot be achieved without practices that build virtuous habits and identity. Our goal is to convert our research into tools to promote thriving, put those tools into the hands of those who care for youth, and measure the impact of those tools on the youth thriving. From videos to conversation guides, all our resources are produced from the research of the Thrive Center.

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Spiritual & Mental Health Webinar

[Webinar] Experts share insights on how the church can address kids' spiritual and mental health needs during COVID-19.

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Joy Practices for Youth Ministry

[Book] Learn how to embrace and enhance joy in your youth ministry through research-based practices.

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Managing Emotions Amid Uncertainty

[Guide] Dr. King offers 6 tips on how we can manage our emotions when we face moments of loss, grief, and pain.

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DACA Self-Care & Well-Being

[Toolkit] Self-care tips and resources to support DACA and undocumented individuals' mental health journey.

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Family using technology

Rethinking Our Media Consumption

[Webinar] Dr. King joins FULLER Fridays, an 8-week webinar series, to discuss technology and spirituality.

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Cultivating & Experiencing Joy

[Guide] Discover how to cultivate and experience true joy with 4 daily practices.

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Conversing about DACA

[Podcast] A DACA recipient, along with her mentor and Dr. Rojas-Flores, reflect on her journey under DACA policy.

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Conversing About Thriving

[Podcast] Dr. King reflects on community, spiritual transformation, and growth as sources for thriving.

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Teens on Their Phones

Technology & Thriving

[Article] Read Dr. King's 3 tips on how technology can serve as a potential source for transformation and thriving.

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Youth Study Group

Technology & Ethics

[Article] Dr. King interviews an artificial intelligence expert on the pitfalls and potentials of current and emerging technologies.

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Youth Religion & Spirituality

[Guide] Learn about the 3 dimensions of religion and spirituality that promote thriving in youth.

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A Response to Atonement

[Video] Dr. King speaks on how renewal occurs through our relationship with God.

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Mentoring DACA Youth Webinar

[Webinar] Dr. Rojas-Flores discusses best mentoring practices with scholars, mentors, and DACA recipients.

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Guide to Supporting DACA Youth

[Guide] Learn how you can mentor DACA and undocumented youth in the current socio-political climate.

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A Response to Grace

[Video] Dr. King discusses concepts of grace as a spiritual and transformative experience.

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Helping Youth With Failure

[Podcast] Dr. King reflects on purpose, spirituality, and social connection as assets for overcoming failure.

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