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Thriving cannot be achieved without practices that will ground, connect, and direct our journeys.

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Our Thrive Model in the simplest form posits that thriving cannot be achieved without practices that build virtuous habits and identity. Such practices may not only help you change your life, but also the world around you. Our goal is to convert our research into tools to promote thriving, and measure the impact of those tools on human thriving.


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6 Tips for Managing Emotions

Dr. King offers 6 tips on how we can manage our emotions when we face moments of loss, grief, and pain.

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Effective Youth Service

Create a value-driven community that supports and helps youth thrive with these 9 principles.

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Parenting Young Athletes

Here are two important ways parents can play an integral role in youth sports.

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Cultivating Virtues in Athletes

A Thrive student researcher witnesses how service (e.g., building homes for others) can cultivate virtues in athletes.

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United by a Common Purpose

A Thrive Scholars Fellow reflects how serving others (e.g., home building) can foster purpose in athletes.

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10 Commandments of Coaching

Learn the traits coaches can adopt to positively influence young athletes' development.

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The Hopeful Lens

Learn how the church can serve and empower youth facing trauma through a developmental systems approach.

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Thriving Through Stress

8 tips to help fulfill our basic needs and thrive through extended stress.

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Emotion Regulation in Youth

5 parenting practices to help foster emotion regulation in youth.

Training Teens Patience

A 4-step model to teach youth how to develop and practice patience.


Let’s Talk Patience

Conversation starters to educate youth on the importance of patience.

Podcasts Episodes


Helping Youth With Failure

Dr. King reflects on purpose, spirituality, and social connection as assets for overcoming failure.


Performance vs Purpose

Dr. Houltberg explains the impact performance and success have on overall well-being.


Managing Emotions in Sports

Dr. Houltberg shares lessons young athletes can learn from Michael Phelp's rehab trip.


DACA Thriving Tuesdays 6

Our moderators talk about the complexity of the DACA ruling and moving forward.

Technology & Youth

A Thrive Scholar explores how technology advances youth’s spiritual lives and virtues.

Patience | Youth

Experts consider the role of patience in positive youth development.

Patience | Self-Care

Experts discuss the relationship between patience and self-acceptance.

Performance-Based Identity

Dr. Houltberg shares how performance-based identity can distort faith.

Adolescence Formation

Dr. Houltberg discusses performance-based identity and emotional regulation in youth.

Lessons from Elite Athletes

Dr. Houltberg draws on elite athletes' experiences to examine what impacts their identities.

Applications of Telos

Dr. King shares the ways practitioners can help advance youths' telos.


Dr. King defines telos and the role it plays in youth development.

Developing Relationships

Dr. King explains how relationships can strengthen identity formation.

Featured on FULLER Studio

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The Sacred and the Civic

Dr. Pamela King meditates on the birth of Christ as an invitation for us to join in God’s restorative work in the world.

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COVID, ICE, and the Betrayal of Latino Children

Dr. Lisseth Rojas-Flores discusses the trauma inflicted on Latino kids by the immigration system and pandemic.

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The Role of Mindfulness in the Midst of Pain

Dr. Joey Fung offers 5 ways mindfulness can help us stay present during seasons of pain.

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Conversing About Thriving

Dr. Pamela King reflects on community, spiritual transformation, and growth as sources for thriving.

Group photo of Lisseth Rojas-Flores, Sonia Luginbuhl, Norma Ramirez. and Mark Labberton

Conversing About DACA

Norma Ramirez reflects on her journey under DACA policy with mentors, Dr. Lisseth Rojas-Flores and Pastor Sonia Luginbuhl.

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Interview with Michael Ebstyne

Dr. Pamela King interviews an artificial intelligence expert on the potentials and pitfalls of emerging technologies.

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Telos, Technology, and Thriving

Dr. Pamela King offers 3 tips on how technology can serve as a source for thriving and transformation.

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Conversing About Sports

Dr. Benjamin Houltberg discusses performance-based-identity, working with elite athletes, and the role of community in sports.

Art piece of youth drawing with chalk

DACA and Immigrant Youth

Dr. Lisseth Rojas-Flores and scholars discuss the health challenges DACA recipients face and how to support them.

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From Performance to Purpose

Dr. Benjamin Houltberg highlights ways caring adults can help youth develop a purpose-based identity in sports.

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An Invitation for Youth to Thrive

Dr. Pamela King shares the importance of helping youth find the right coordinates that lead to their purpose.

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Building Virtues in Youth

Dr. Sarah Schnitker and Dr. Benjamin Houltberg examine how spirituality and purpose influence youth thriving.

Baseball coach looking at the field

A Coach's Perspective

Dr. Nanyamka Redmond shares how coaches can make youth sports a positive experience for young athletes.

Child reading the Bible in bed

The Faith Factor: Kids and God

Dr. Pamela King draws on human relationality to answer why spirituality benefits young people.

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New Beginnings

Dr. Pamela King emphasizes the importance of focusing on Christ's saving work over what we might achieve for ourselves.

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