THriving through COVID-19

The coronavirus outbreak has caused many of us to have a surviving mindset, but how can we use this opportunity to thrive even when we face uncertainty? To thrive is to grow in authenticity with and for others and for a greater purpose.

Our team offers some guidelines and tips on how we can thrive through this growing pandemic.

Essentials to Thriving


Thriving involves our whole being and body. Pay attention to how you feel physically and emotionally. Be connected to yourself. Especially during these times, be mindful of what brings you joy and pursue more of what really matters. Be aware of stress and anxiety, and seek support through practices, relationships, or professional help.


Be aware of your core beliefs. What brings meaning, strength, and hope in your life? Use this opportunity to re-evaluate what matters most, and align your life to your highest values accordingly. Although we need to renegotiate how we live out and pursue our ideals and goals, be intentional about making traction towards what matters.


Thriving involves being known and loved as our authentic selves. This means we need to know and cherish ourselves. Resist the urge to fit in, but invest in the relationships that truly matter. Ask to whom do you belong—relationally and spiritually? What can you do to nurture these connections in a time of physical isolation?

Beyond the Self

Essential to thriving is a prosocial orientation beyond ourselves. This not only includes our understanding of transcendence (which informs our life's ultimate meaning), but it also involves an ongoing contribution to the world beyond ourselves. In isolation, this might seem like a challenge. However, we thrive when we help others thrive.


Often overlooked as a resources for thriving, beauty and art are important resources of inspiration and positive emotions that can inspire vitality and our pursuit of goodness and truth. Take time to absorb nature, music, and visual arts (e.g. photography) in order to elevate your mood and connect you with something bigger than yourself.

How to Thrive Admist COVID-19

Science Agrees You Need Laughter

By Susan Mangan | Oct 12, 2020

Research shows that humor can ease stress. Dr. Susan Mangan shares 3 exercises to help us get started.

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Finding Agility through the 5 A’s

By Pam King | Sep 30, 2020

Part of our journey towards thriving involves agility. Dr. Pam King explains how we can be agile through this 5-step process.

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All Bets are Off: Rethinking the Basics Amid COVID-19

By Pam King | Sep 7, 2020

How can we carry out our basic needs and still thrive during COVID-19? Dr. Pam King shares 8 ways we can do this.

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Thriving over the Long Haul this Fall

By Pam King | Sep 3, 2020

Dr. Pam King reviews the elements of thriving and provides tips on how we can pursue a thriving mindset as we approach fall 2020.

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Alleviating Anxiety and Stress in Children during COVID-19

By Leanne Bishara | Aug 17, 2020

Thrive Fellow, Leanne Bishara and guest blogger, Hannah Ewert continue their discussion on cognitive behavioral treatments to increase relaxation and positive behaviors in kids.

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Anxiety and Stress in Children during COVID-19

By Leanne Bishara | Aug 11, 2020

Thrive Fellow, Leanne Bishara and guest blogger, Hannah Ewert recommend 3 cognitive behavioral treatments to help regulate kids’ stress.

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Finding Anchoring Rituals in Times like COVID-19

By Esther Tan | Jul 30, 2020

Thrive Fellow, Esther Tan shares her COVID-19 experience and how anchoring rituals have helped her find resilience.

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5 Joy Competencies to Counter the Effects of Confinement During COVID-19, Pt. 2

By Fred Defoy | Jul 23, 2020

Thrive Fellow, Fred Defoy discusses spiritual joy and vocational joy as resources to help us thrive in hard times.

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How to Foster Empathy and Compassion in Children during the Pandemic

By Joey Fung | Jul 20, 2020

Is it possible to cultivate empathy and compassion in kids? Dr. Joey Fung shares 6 ways parents can do this.

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Third Culture Kids During Quarantine: Adaptability and Purpose

By Esther Tan | Jul 1, 2020

Thrive Fellow, Esther Tan interviews an adult Third Culture Kid on how purpose has helped him navigate through COVID-19.

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It’s Okay to Let Your Child be Bored This Summer

By Joey Fung | Jun 22, 2020

Dr. Joey Fung discusses how embracing boredom and creating space for unstructured play can help kids thrive this summer.

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5 Joy Competencies to Counter the Effects of Confinement During COVID-19, Pt. 1

By Fred Defoy | Jun 15, 2020

Thrive fellow, Fred Defoy shares the first 3 joy competencies that can help us thrive through our bodies, creativity, and sense of belonging.

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Mindful Parenting: The Importance of Creating Space from Within

By Joey Fung | Jun 8, 2020

Dr. Joey Fung emphasizes the importance of mindful parenting and how parents can thrive during this pandemic.

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Lament and Hope in Times of Injustice and Racism

By Pam King | Jun 5, 2020

Dr. Pam King reflects on injustice and racism, the importance of attuning to our emotions, and coming together as a community.

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Quaranteens: Practice Makes Patience

By Leanne Bishara | May 18, 2020

News of the extended stay-at-home order can be frustrating. Thrive Fellow, Leanne Bishara shares 4 ways we can face COVID-19 with patience.

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A Quarantine Mother’s Day: Finding Purpose in the Middle of Crisis

By Pam King | May 9, 2020

As we celebrate Mother’s Day in quarantine, Dr. Pam King invites all mothers to focus on their purpose in order to live a fulfilling life at home.

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Planting Seeds of Healing Through Spirituality

By Stephanie Trudeau | Apr 30, 2020

Dr. Stephanie Trudeau provides ways spirituality can be resource for healing within ourselves and our families.

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Grief and Mindfulness: How to Manage Your Emotions

By Joey Fung | Apr 27, 2020

Dr. Joey Fung offers 3 ways mindfulness can help us manage our emotions in the face of grief and loss.

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Staying Grounded, Connected, and Directed through Disruption

By Pam King | Apr 23, 2020

Dr. Pam discusses how spirituality can help us stay grounded, connected, and directed throughout challenges.

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Grief and Mindfulness: the Importance of Checking In with Your Body

By Joey Fung | Apr 20, 2020

Dr. Joey Fung shares 5 mindfulness practices to help us manage grief during these trying times.

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Finding Awe in Uncertain Times

By Susan Mangan | Apr 16, 2020

Seeking awe may be at the bottom of our COVID agenda. Dr. Susan Mangan explains why awe can helps us in times of loss.

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On the Road to Healing: Meaning-Making and Beliefs During COVID-19

By Stephanie Trudeau | Apr 13, 2020

Dr. Stephanie Trudeau continues her discussion on loss, and how meaning-making and beliefs can guide us toward healing.

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Light in Darkness: Not a Wholly Unprecedented Holy Week

By Pam King | Apr 9, 2020

Dr. Pam King explores how our beliefs can bring hope and light to our lives during dark times like COVID-19.

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What’s Loss Got to Do with It: Loss in Time of COVID-19

By Stephanie Trudeau | Apr 8, 2020

Dr. Stephanie Trudeau talks collective loss and how we can approach our feelings with compassion and grace.

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Activities for Busting the COVID-19 Blues

By Susan Mangan | Apr 2, 2020

Social distancing can be hard, so how we can thrive even in isolation? Dr. Susan Mangan shares activities that help build resilience.

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Homebound: Protecting Our Spiritual Health

By Thrive Center | Mar 26, 2020

Guest blogger, Dr. Angela Gorrell emphasizes the importance of nurturing our spiritual health in order to thrive during COVID-19.

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Mindful Parenting Practices for Stressful Times

By Leanne Bishara | Mar 25, 2020

Thrive Fellow, Leanne Bishara shares 4 mindfulness practices to help parents become more engaged and less stressed when interacting with teens.

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Boosting Positive Emotions at Home

By Susan Mangan | Mar 21, 2020

Dr. Susan Mangan provides 3 at-home exercises that can increase our positive emotions as we continue to navigate through COVID-19.

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Family Under Pressure: the Connecting Power of Being Isolated Together

By Stephanie Trudeau | Mar 19, 2020

Dr. Stephanie Trudeau offers ways we can orient our family towards growth and connection amid isolation during COVID-19.

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Helping Kids Develop Coping-Resiliency Strategies During Life Challenges

By Esther Tan | Mar 18, 2020

Thrive Fellow, Esther Tan shares a research-based model to understand how we can support kids in times of uncertainty.

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Changing Our Focus from Surviving to Thriving During COVID-19

By Pam King | Mar 12, 2020

Dr. Pam King reflects on the importance of contemplative practices to help us thrive during the coronavirus.

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More Resources on Thriving

Tips for Thriving in Quarantine

Tips for Thriving in Quarantine

Quarantine does not generally stir up such expansive images of vitality and growth. While quarantine is challenging, there are still plenty of opportunities for personal growth and helping others. Here is a list of tips to enable you and others to thrive in this stressful time.

King Spiritual Practices 5.0

Daily Contemplative Practices

Spirituality is a essential to living a thriving life. Even during trying times such as these, spiritual practices and disciplines can provide meaning, strength, and direction in our lives. Download these 4 core spiritual practices to help you nurture your spiritual health.

The Importance of Spiritual Practices

Dr. Pam King reflects on the four core themes found in diverse spiritual practices, and how they can helps us reassess our life.

Woman practicing mindfulness

The Role of Mindfulness Practices

Dr. Joey Fung, Associate Professor at Fuller's School of Psychology, offers 5 ways mindfulness can help us stay present when we undergo pain and suffering.

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Woman holding a face mask

Part One - Face Mask Dilemma (due to US Stigma)

Dr. Kenneth Wang, Associate Professor at Fuller's School of Psychology, emphasizes the importance of breaking the stigma around wearing face masks in order to contain the coronavirus.

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Part Two - Face Masks to Protect Others: Containing Invisible Spread of COVID-19

Dr. Kenneth Wang continues his discussion on wearing face masks to protect others in our communities, sharing potential goals and solutions.

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Two men walking with face masks on

Part Three - Fabric Face Masks: Enhancing Social Distancing

Dr. Kenneth Want shares his thoughts on the CDC's approach to practicing social distancing and wearing face masks.

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Other Helpful Resources

Stay up-to-date with the latest news and best practices from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention and other organizations.

Fuller Telehealth Services Available

Fuller Psychological and Family Services (FPFS) has launched Fuller Telehealth to extend and provide therapy and related services to clients living anywhere in California. Please contact FPFS at 626-584-5555 or submit an online request here for more information.

COVID-19 Spiritual First Aid

The Humanitarian Disaster Institute covers a range of topics that live at the intersection of COVID-19 and mental health in this handbook.

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UndocuHealth National Mental health Directory

United We Dream provides a National Mental Health directory for DACA and undocumented individuals seeking therapy and mental health services.

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The Quarantine Guide

A how-to-guide for teens interested in supporting the health, safety, and productivity of themselves and others during COVID-19.

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Coronavirus Anxiety Workbook

A workbook by The Wellness Society to help you manage anxiety and build resilience during this unprecedented time.

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Health care professionals emphasize the importance of staying home and doing our part to save others.

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Our Common Humanity

Richard Davidson shares how social distancing is an act of generosity and compassion toward others.

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Resisting the Pandemic of Prejudice

The Search Institute shares ways we can respond to fear and scapegoating during COIVD-19.

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How to Talk to Kids & Teens

Psychology Today offers useful tips for how to speak to different age groups about the coronavirus.

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Managing Children's Fear & Anxiety

As COVID-19 continues to spread, children are increasingly anxious about their health. NewsDio offers ways to manage their fears and make them feel safe.

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Strategies to Cope with Coronavirus Anxiety

The Conversation shares 7 science-based strategies to help you deal with any anxiety and related disorders.

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Helping Kids COpe with Stress

World Health Organization offers this downloadable guide on how to help kids cope with the COVID-19 outbreak.

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How to Protect Yourself

Learn how to protect yourself from the coronavirus through these preventative measures by the Center for Disease and Control Prevention.

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Keeping Others Safe

Learn how to keep your community safe from the coronavirus through these best practices by the Center for Disease and Control Prevention.

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Travel Advisories

If traveling abroad, please make sure stay informed on any travel updates and alerts from the Department of State Travel Advisory.

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