THriving through COVID-19

The coronavirus outbreak has caused many of us to have a surviving mindset. How can we use this opportunity to thrive even when we face uncertainty? To thrive is to grow in authenticity with and for others and for a greater purpose. Our team offers some guidelines and tips on how we can thrive through this growing pandemic.

Posts on COVID-19

Depressed healthcare worker

Helping Our Healthcare Workers: A Primer to Moral Injury

By Stephanie Trudeau | 08/25/2021

Dr. Stephanie Trudeau shifts the conversation from burnout to moral injury, presenting ways we can help those experiencing moral injury.

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Men doing volunteer work during COVID-19

The Inward and Outward Power of Purpose

By Susan Mangan | 08/16/2021

Dr. Susan Mangan offers summer activities to help us identify and understand our purpose as we enter a post-COVID world.

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People holding hands

Moral Elevation Part 2: Practices for Elevating Ourselves and Our World

By Susan Mangan | 08/05/2021

Dr. Susan Mangan provides two research-based activities to help us get started on experiencing elevation.

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Person jumping over the hill

Moral Elevation Part 1: The Snowball Effect of Small Inspirations

By Susan Mangan | 07/28/2021

Dr. Susan Mangan explains the role and benefits of moral elevation in inspiring us to help our communities.

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Sun setting on signposts

Breaking Open: The Joys and Laments of Vaccinated Living

By Pamela Ebstyne King | 04/30/2021

As our country slowly begins to re-open, Pamela King calls us to re-orient our lives towards what matters most and brings us joy.

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Love and Closeness: How They Fortify our Minds, Bodies, and Relationships

By Susan Mangan | 02/14/2021

It’s difficult to experience love when social distancing. Learn how you can become closer to your loved ones, even during a pandemic.

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Thriving Tip Sheets

Preview to tip sheet

Mindful Breathing

Preview of tip sheet

Thriving through the Holidays

Preview to tip sheet

The 5 A's of Agility

Preview of tip sheet

Rethinking the Basics during COVID-19

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Mindful Parenting Practices

Meaning-Making Exercise 2020

Meaning-Making Exercise

Tips for Thriving in Quarantine

Tips for Thriving in Quarantine

King Spiritual Practices 5.0

Daily Spiritual Practices

Spiritual Aid


Unshakeable: Thriving More Than Just Surviving

Pamela King joins Connect Silicon Valley to discuss how we can thrive and not just survive in the midst of disruption and obstacles by being grounded, connected, and directed.

Read Staying Grounded, Connected, and Directed Through Disruption by Pamela King.


Spiritual & Mental Health for Children & Teens During COVID-19

Hosted by the Humanitarian Disaster Institute and the National Association of Evangelicals, a panel of experts, including Thrive Center's Pamela King, share insights on how the church can respond to the spiritual and mental health needs of children and teens in this webinar.


Spiritual Practices

Pamela King shares a variety of practices that help her spiritual life, including Ignatian spiritual exercises, silence, and carefully reflecting achievable goals.

Parenting During COVID-19 Series


Practicing Mindful Parenting Webinar

We know parenting can be challenging and stressful, especially during a pandemic. Mindfulness experts and clinical psychologists, Dr. Joey Fung and Dr. Patricia Broderick discuss how parents and caregivers can practice mindful parenting at home.

Check out Guide to Applying Mindful Parenting by Dr. Joey Fung and How to Practice Mindful Breathing by Dr. Patricia Broderick.


Helping Children Cope & Thrive In Challenging Times

Our webinar is now available on-demand! Get practical, research-backed parenting tips and mindfulness practices to support kids as they face grief, loss, and mental health issues.

Download our webinar handout, Take Home Practice: Mindfulness Breathing by Dr Joey Fung.

Other Readings

COVID-19, ICE, & the Betrayal of Latino Children

Lisseth Rojas-Flores writes about the trauma inflicted on Latino youth by both the pandemic and immigration system on FULLER Magazine.

Helping Children & Teens Thrive Through COVID-19

Pamela King shares how caring adults can help kids cultivate purpose and thriving mentalities through COVID-19.

How to Experience Joy During COVID-19

Pamela King joins Jamie Aten on Psychology Today to discuss how we can find and experience joy during a pandemic.

6 Tips for Managing Emotions in Times of Uncertainty

A key to thriving is learning how to respond to our emotions in the face of loss, grief, and pain. Here are 6 ways you can start doing this.

The Role of Mindfulness in the Midst of Pain

Joey Fung offers 5 ways mindfulness can help us stay present during seasons of pain and suffering.

Therapist appointment through telehealth

Fuller Telehealth Services

Fuller Psychological and Family Services (FPFS) has launched Fuller Telehealth to extend and provide therapy and related services to clients living anywhere in California. Please contact FPFS at 626-584-5555 or submit an online request here for more information.

Reflections on Face Masks

Kenneth Wang, associate professor of clinical psychology at Fuller Theological Seminary, shares his thoughts on wearing face masks in order to contain the spread of the coronavirus. Read his reflections below.

Part 1: Face Mask Dilemma (Due to U.S. Stigma)

Dr. Wang emphasizes the importance of breaking the stigma around wearing face masks.

Part 2: Face Masks to Protect Others

Dr. Wang discusses potential goals and solutions on wearing face masks to protect those in our communities.

Part 3: Fabric Face Masks - Enhancing Social Distancing

Dr. Wang reflects on the CDC's approach to practicing social distancing, recommending the production of more fabric face masks.

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