January 18, 2024

A Practice: Questioning Beliefs to find Meaning

This practice provides questions to help you explore the beliefs that help you make meaning of life's circumstances.


Take a moment to identify and examine a belief, leaving room for the possibility of reorienting its meaning. For example: “I believe in a loving God or loving benevolent being,” or “I do not believe in a loving benevolent source.” Both of these are informed by your organized belief systems, values, experiences, perceptions, interpretations, and so much more. These beliefs will influence how you make sense of your current situation (i.e., meaning-making) and will impact your emotional responses and behaviors.

Below are a few questions that can be helpful to further explore your beliefs and their influence on your life.

  • How does the belief you identified influence the meaning you place on the problem and solution? 
    • Example: “I believe there is a loving God who is guiding my life no matter my circumstances.” 
  • Does the belief lead to positive or negative emotions?
    • Example: “My belief in a loving God allows me to feel peaceful.”
  • How does the result of the belief reinforce your belief system?
    • Example: “Because I am able to experience peace during a difficult time, knowing it will work out in the end, my faith in this belief system is deepened.”

Take it one step further:

  • How does your belief influence your family (parents/kids/extended system)?
  • Do they hold this same belief or believe differently? 
  • Do any beliefs invite discord? Healing?
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