Dr. Pam King on Psychology & Spirituality

Listen to Pam King talk with host P.J. Simmons about what Christians can learn from Psychology on the Prospera podcast.


Christian Flourishing in a Secular Age: Challenges and Opportunities Post-Conference Workshop

Pam spoke at one of the Post-Conference Workshops of the 'Realigned' conference by Christian Association for Psychological Studies on March 23rd, 2024.


Thrive Fellowship 2024-2025

Thrive Fellowships are for clinical doctoral students who aspire to serve and lead in the academic study, teaching, training, and/or practice of integrative approaches to human thriving. Students completing their second, third, or fourth year may apply (though exceptional first-year students will be considered with faculty referral) The Thrive Center for Human Development is an applied research center that conducts research and develops resources to inspire, inform, and equip people to thrive. Thrive Fellowships are intended for students who seek experience and mentorship in theoretically-informed research and/or in translating research for practical applications related to spiritual health and thriving. Interested...


Pam King on The Purposeful Lab Podcast

With evolutionary psychology and theology as a guide, Dr. Pam King offers tools and inspiration to find purpose and thrive in today's world.

Pam on Asking Why with Clint Davis Podcast

Clint Davis talks with Pam in this episode about about understanding what individual strengths and environments enable humans to thrive and become all God created them to be.


Pam King on Liberty Road Podcast

In this episode, Liberty Road's Nada Jones sits down with Pam to discuss her work at the THRIVE Center, where the science of psychology and the practice of spirituality collide. Pam desires to catalyze a movement of human thriving through research and resource development. To help us get there, she explains the three pillars of thriving and how they get reassessed in mid-life.


Christian Association for the Psychology of Faith in Hong Kong

Lecture: How Christians deal with life’s uncertainty Date & Time: 13 January 2024 (Sat, HK time), 9:00am – 6:00pm Where: Room 11.18, 11/F, Jockey Club Teaching Building, University of Hong Kong, physical, no online meeting How to participate: Click the link or scan the poster to register online with QR code. Welcome to free dedication. In human growth, whether health, education, career, marriage or family, there are many variables in themselves or in…


Pam on Conversing with Mark Labberton Podcast

What does it mean to thrive in this modern world? Pam discusses her research and work on the topic of thriving, as well as her new podcast, With & For.

What Does Spirituality Mean to Us?

A Study of Spirituality in the United States Since COVID. The Thrive Center's research team analyzed data generated by The Fetzer Institute. Here is a report of the findings.


Unwrapping the Science of Joy

The story "Unwrapping the Science of Joy" is now published in Templeton Ideas!


Abundant Life Flourishing Seminar

Lecture: With and For: Spiritual Health and Thriving on Purpose Date & Time: 11/02/2023 at 11 am ET Where: Regent University Campus: CRB 237 Online: https :// Website:…