February 2, 2024

Pam on Asking Why with Clint Davis Podcast

Clint Davis talks with Pam in this episode about about understanding what individual strengths and environments enable humans to thrive and become all God created them to be.

Episode 113: Dr. Pamela King / From Surviving to Thriving

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Asking Why is a podcast hosted by Clint Davis, an army veteran, ordained minister and licensed psychotherapist. Clint is certified in trauma, sex addiction, and has a masters degree in marriage and family therapy. The goal of this podcast is to get down to root issues by interviewing guests from different fields of study. Through conversations and relationship, Clint and his staff will venture to ask mindful questions to find practical solutions to disrupt the negative cycles and systems we find ourselves in. We hope that by listening you will gather unique information about life, spirituality, and mental health that will lead to internal growth, producing external success in all you do!

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