March 22, 2024

Thrive Fellowship 2024-2025

Thrive Fellowships are for clinical doctoral students who aspire to serve and lead in the academic study, teaching, training, and/or practice of integrative approaches to human thriving. Students completing their second, third, or fourth year may apply (though exceptional first-year students will be considered with faculty referral)

The Thrive Center for Human Development is an applied research center that conducts research and develops resources to inspire, inform, and equip people to thrive. Thrive Fellowships are intended for students who seek experience and mentorship in theoretically-informed research and/or in translating research for practical applications related to spiritual health and thriving. Interested applicants must discuss their desire to apply with Dr. Pam King and their faculty advisor.

Each fellowship comes with a total of $15,000 for the academic year ($5,000 for each: Fall, Winter, and Spring Quarters).

If you are interested in applying to Thrive fellowship, there are two steps. First, discuss your desire to apply with your faculty advisor. Next, complete your application. Applications are due Monday, April 8, 2024 at 11:59 pm PT. Late applications will not be considered.


Selection Criteria:

  • Commitment to an area of psychological science related to human thriving
  • Ability to articulate how one’s research interests relate to Thrive’s model of Spiritual Health
  • Desire to serve the Thrive Center, SoPMFT community, Fuller, and/or broader community
  • Strong knowledge in various research and analytical methods (quantitative or qualitative analyses and procedures), including experience in data collection and entry, database management, and/or data analysis
  • Some knowledge or experience in applied or translational research, such as program development, program evaluation, and/or resource development (e.g. blog writing, developing practices)
  • Strong writing skills for academic and/or layperson audiences
  • Demonstrated leadership and mentoring experience
  • Initiative, strong organizational skills, follow-through, and attention to detail
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills and the ability to work well within a team environment
  • Willingness to be an advocate for the Thrive Center
  • Interest in developmental implications for one’s area of research is preferred
  • Academic excellence


Go to Fuller’s Clinical Psychology Fellowships Webpage HERE.
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