Relationships & Community

Connections that provide a space of belonging where we can be fully known to ourselves and others and learn to give and receive love.

Our spirituality grows within relationships.

We were designed to grow in the context of community. Humans haven’t evolved much since the Stone Age, and a basic human construct remains evident—our inherent need for social connection and community. We need relationships through which we can grow, experience love, and practice our spirituality. Because we are created to live in community, we are each designed with unique gifts that are parts of a greater whole, none complete without the complementary strengths of the other. Our calling to be unique, yet not uniform, is the thread of the intricate relational tapestry of life. Are you part of a community that allows you to feel known, loved, and held accountable?

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Created for Community (Part 1): How We Moved Away From our Village

Humans thrive within community, but our modern age encourages poor relational habits. Think about the nature of your relationships with the help of the practice in this post.

Created for Community (Part 2): The Human Connection in Healthy Spirituality

What does healthy spirituality have to do with our relationships? While our capacity for spirituality is hard-wired, our spirituality is in fact mostly developed relationally. We learn our beliefs and practices from others.

Attachment Styles: Why Does Love Sometimes Feel so Difficult? (Part 1)

What do you need to understand about your attachment style?

From the Inside Out: Relationships, Mental Health, & Interpersonal Neurobiology with Dr. Dan Siegel

We are made for relationships. And psychiatrist, researcher, and clinical therapist Dr. Dan Siegel (UCLA) has found that emotional realities of our earliest attachment relationships reverberate through the rest of our lives. By opening up brain science and what he calls “interpersonal neurobiology” he’s helping people find emotional healing and wholeness, deep connection, and stable life-giving relationships.

The Science of Relationships: Healing, Emotion, & Connection with Drs. Sue Johnson & Jim Furrow

We’re made for relationships. It’s knit into our DNA, knit into our purpose. But relationships are a kaleidoscope of emotions. And psychologists Sue Johnson & Jim Furrow are helping us understand more about the science of relationships, the role that emotions play in healing conflict, and how our human connectedness impacts human thriving.

Forgiveness: What it Means (and What it Doesn’t)

Understanding forgiveness is the first step to giving it. Try the practice here to begin the process.

Pamela Ebsytne King on Relationships

Pamela Ebsytne King, Peter L. Benson Associate Professor of Applied Developmental Science, uses research from developmental psychology to show how relationships strengthen the process of identity formation. Read, listen, and watch more from voices in the Fuller community on the topic of spiritual formation:   …

Cultivating a Healthy Mind: The Neuroscience of Awareness, Connection, Insight, & Purpose with Dr. Richie Davidson

What is a healthy mind? Do you practice mental hygiene? Dr. Richie Davidson’s mission is to cultivate wellbeing as a skill, and relieve suffering through a scientific understanding of the human mind. As a pioneering neuroscientist, a mindfulness and meditation teacher, and a global public advocate and guide—he has been a proponent for healing, wellbeing, and social change, finding evidence that awareness, connection, insight, and purpose are the pillars of a healthy mind—and woven through it all, is compassion. Includes two real-time meditative practices to help integrate empirical and spiritual insights with a practical way of being.

The 7 Cs of a Healthy Community

Does your Community Support Spiritual Health? Research indicates seven ideals.

How Can we Reestablish Meaningful Connection in This Digital Age?

Dr. Pam King discusses the importance of creating transformative systems that will enable human thriving.

A Practice: How to Build Bonds With Others

Developing deep bonds with others requires effort. Ask yourself these questions for deeper understanding, and you might feel less lonely.

A Practice: Love and Closeness and How They Fortify our Minds, Bodies, and Relationships

Love is necessary for wholeness. Read how you can get closer to those you care about.

A Practice: Small Acts of Love—An invitation to create and explore

Is it possible to create a more loving world? Practices that link us to our senses support our ability to love.

Womans hands on Bible

Can a Hug a Day Keep the Doctor Away?

You can get closer to those you care about with a little practice.

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