July 1, 2024

Reciprocating Love Scale Project

This project will develop the concept of Reciprocating Love and then develop a scale to measure it.

Project Dates

2024 – ongoing

Lead Team

Project Lead: Rebecca Baer

Faculty Advisor: Pam King

Project Overview

Drawing on attachment theory, this study aims to operationalize a definition of adult relationality called Reciprocating Love. Secondly, this study will develop and validate the Reciprocating Love Scale, which measures these six relational qualities. Two studies are proposed, each involving approximately 600-700 participants representative of the U.S. population. The first study will employ confirmatory factor analysis to refine the scale for robustness and simplicity. In the second study, measures of life satisfaction, attachment, emotion regulation, purpose, and forgiveness will be utilized to validate the scale within a comprehensive framework of constructs.


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