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A New Podcast on Spiritual Health, Wholeness, and a Life of Thriving

Hosted by Dr. Pam King of the Thrive Center

Listen now and Subscribe now to With & For—a new podcast from The Thrive Center at Fuller Theological Seminary. Starting January 8, 2024 the show will explore insights from psychology to understand what it means to become spiritually healthy and thrive. Every week, Dr. Pam King will host expert guests whose work sheds light on practical steps toward growing fully alive, connected, purposeful, and whole.


Coming January 8, 2024 from Dr. Pam King and The Thrive Center at Fuller Theological Seminary, With & For is a podcast for growth seekers and people-focused leaders that plumbs the depths of psychological science and spiritual wisdom to offer practical guidance towards spiritual health, wholeness, and a life of thriving.

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“It’s my life’s purpose to help people thrive,” King says. “I've spent the last two decades at the intersections of psychology and spirituality, wrestling with the most practical questions of how people grow, relate, and become their whole selves."


With & For will offer a unique variety of psychological science, spiritual wisdom, and guided practices for listeners. A new trailer introducing the show is available now (click above to listen on Apple, Spotify and Google podcasts).


“I believe we not only need a better vision for spiritual health, but the tools and practical steps for the journey,” she says.


Media is saturated with self-help that offer quick fixes and cheap promises. But focusing solely on oneself is a quick dead end. With & For is an invitation to thrive relationally and purposefully. Dr. King is one of Fuller’s leading voices in psychology and spirituality for the church—and she and her guests will not only equip you with the science behind human thriving, but equip you with consistent practical guidance backed by psychological research and spiritual wisdom.


This new resource from Fuller Theological Seminary will explore:

  • how our beliefs can both help and hinder our thriving, 
  • how relational support is necessary for healthy spirituality, and 
  • how we are created as unique individuals with deep capacities for connection
  • How we are called to live out love and purpose 


Dr. King explains, “In a world captivated by happiness, life satisfaction, and well-being, thriving emphasizes the process of adaptive growth or development towards a ‘telos’—one's purpose. Thriving requires a meaning system to determine what matters and what is purposeful. And this always includes others. Going beyond the self, to find yourself, and to give of yourself. True thriving contributes to the flourishing of the broader community and world.”

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