December 15, 2023

Intro: A New Podcast on Spiritual Health, Wholeness, and a Life of Thriving

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Pamela Ebstyne King

Dr. Pam King is Executive Director the Thrive Center and is Peter L. Benson Professor of Applied Developmental Science at Fuller School of Psychology & Marriage and Family Therapy. Follow her @drpamking.

Episode Summary

 What does it mean to thrive today? What can we do to pursue lives of wholeness and spiritual health? What can we learn from psychological science and spiritual wisdom to transform our relationships, our work, and our personal wellbeing? Dr. Pam King introduces With & For, a podcast for growth seekers and people focused leaders that plumbs the depths of psychological science and spiritual wisdom to offer practical guidance toward spiritual health, wholeness, and a life of thriving.

With & For is a new podcast exploring psychology, spirituality, and culture, with the aim of helping you grow wholly alive, with and for others, and a higher purpose. In this introductory episode, podcast host Dr. Pam King shares elements of her personal story and background, along with the goals of the podcast, and let’s this season’s guests share their personal take on what it means to thrive.

Show Notes

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  • Dr. Pam King introduces the show. Drawing on twenty years as a psychologist, pastor, and parent, her mission is to help people thrive.
  • Our approach to spiritual health is informed by years of psychological research that provides empirical insight into how aspects of spirituality can be helpful for thriving.
  • What is thriving?
  • "Thriving is growing wholly alive with and for others and a higher purpose."
  • "By pursuing spiritual health, we become equipped with the skills that we need for resilience in hard times, and also for pursuing purpose and meaning and connection throughout it all, given that we all thrive differently."
  • Season 1 guests share their responses to one of Pam's favorite questions, "What is thriving to you?"
  • Alexis Abernethy: Thriving means walking toward discovering and experiencing the calling that God has for my life. It doesn't mean I'm always in it. It's walking toward it. The discovery is really rich. You know, you think of calling as a destination. It's not. It evolves.
  • Miroslav Volf: Love of God, love of neighbor. Seek the kingdom, the good of the world, and in that good of the whole, your own good, and be attuned to what is around you in joy and also in sorrow.
  • Belle Liang: Thriving is living in your joy. It's making the impact that you care about making in a way that's really aligned with your deepest core beliefs and values.
  • Dwight Radcliff: Thriving is not a one size fits all answer or solution from my embodied incarnated experience as an African American man in America. I think it really has to do with this ability to, to dream and to live.
  • Sue Johnson: Thriving for me means full existential living, fully engaged in your experience. You basically trust yourself. to go through life in an active way and you can create a coherent reality for yourself that includes others, that includes a safe relationship with others.
  • Sarah Schnitker: Thriving, to me, it's loving God and loving others and living in a society where we have love and justice.
  • Jim Furrow: The word that comes to my mind is a fulsome sense of being and that that being is not only who I am, but who I am with and a part of and that life is full of engagement and vitality.
  • Lisa Miller: Living in alignment with God's will.
  • Dan Siegel: The mind wants certainty so it can guarantee survival. But in a way, the irony is, thriving happens when you let go of this flimsy fantasy of certainty and you allow yourself to wander as a verb through the journey of life.
  • Alexia Salvatierra: The word bienestar means well being, but it's not just individual. Bienestar is the translation for shalom. So it always has a communal dimension because our cultures are much more communal. So there's really this sense that if your family's not well, you're not well. If your community is not well, you're not well.
  • Bill Damon: Thriving to me is becoming the person that you've always dreamed that you want to become. As long as you're alive, you're continuing to make progress. And there's always that possibility of getting further along the road.
  • Cynthia Eriksson: For me, thriving is to be able to be fully myself, to really know that I am loved by God.
  • Richie Davidson: I would say thriving is nurturing all of the innate capacities that we've been given. And I would say perhaps the most important manifestation of that is our capacity to both receive and to express love.
  • Living with and for others
  • Suffering, pain, and loss
  • Growing to become wholly alive
  • Pam King's spiritual background as a Christian and a Presbyterian minister
  • "God wants us to be fully alive, to be fully the people he created us to be."
  • Thriving across all of life's domains: physical, psychological, social, spiritual, moral, vocational, educational, relational, and more
  • Practical insight, tools, and guidance for real-life transformation
  • "It's imperative that we pursue relationships where we are known and truly loved."
  • "This is an invitation to join me and the Thrive Center in a new podcast community that is going to explore the multifaceted nature of spiritual health and guide you along a path to your own thriving life."

About Dr. Pam King

Dr. Pam King is Executive Director the Thrive Center and is Peter L. Benson Professor of Applied Developmental Science at Fuller School of Psychology & Marriage and Family Therapy. Follow her @drpamking.

About With & For

  • Host: Pam King
  • Senior Director and Producer: Jill Westbrook
  • Operations Manager: Lauren Kim
  • Social Media Graphic Designer: Wren Juergensen
  • Consulting Producer: Evan Rosa
Special thanks to the team at Fuller Studio and the Fuller School of Psychology & Marriage and Family Therapy.

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