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Invitation to Thrive

Intro to Thriving: A Practice of Becoming

Thriving isn’t something we achieve—it is the fullness we experience from a daily practice of investing in our spiritual health. It happens when we create space to slow down and open fresh eyes to the people and world around us.

Decades of research reveal immense psychological benefits available through spirituality and faith. By putting knowledge into practice, we learn to pay attention to our deepest human needs, strengthen our connection to transcendence and community, and grow from healing to whole both for ourselves and for the sake of others.

Join us in exploring what follows and find how spiritual practices create breathing room for thriving to become possible.

What does it mean to truly thrive?

Begin your journey

From healing to whole

We have developed a research-backed, six-part framework using our name, Thrive, that encapsulates categories, or “facets,” that have emerged as important components of healthy spirituality. The THRIVE facets are an invitation to explore what it means to grow and thrive.

The Thrive Center Podcast

With & For

A Podcast on Spiritual Health, Wholeness, and a Life of Thriving

We’re eager to grow into a life of fullness and discovery. Conversations with experts that plumb the depths of psychological science and spiritual wisdom to offer practical guidance towards spiritual health, wholeness, and a life of thriving.

A Practice: Dr. Cynthia Eriksson Body Scan for Awareness

A Practice: Dr. Lisa Miller on Closing Doors so Others Can Open

A Practice: Dr. Richard Davidson on Gaining Insight

A Practice: Dr. Lisa Miller and Your Table of Spiritual Companions

A Practice: Dr. Cynthia Eriksson on Grounding in the Body

A Practice: Dr. Richard Davidson on Developing Awareness

Backed by research

The mind behind the method

We hold that science can provide insight needed to understand spiritual health and develop practices that lead to thriving in everyday life. We’re researchers and psychologists that live real lives and come face to face with the same questions you have.

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