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Our mission at the Thrive Center for Human Development is to catalyze a movement of human thriving, with and for others. We conduct research and develop resources at the nexus of spirituality and human thriving in order to promote whole individuals and societies.

The Thrive Center Model

Our Thrive Model

To thrive is to grow in authenticity with and for others and for a greater purpose. Our research at the Thrive Center has led us to understand thriving from both a spiritual and psychological perspective. Our goal is to provide a rigorous and substantive view of thriving that challenges popular notions of the word.

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We offer psychologically-informed practices to help guide you and your community.

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Explore books and chapters written by our faculty on topics related to thriving.


Spiritual Practice

Research has long affirmed that spirituality can help our identity, sense of meaning, and purpose.

Latest Posts

Cultivating Spiritual Practices for the New Year

By Pamela Ebstyne King | Jan 3, 2022

As we enter a new year, Dr. Pamela King invites us to find daily spiritual practices that will draw us closer to ourselves, others and God.

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Slowing Down and Thriving This Advent

By Pamela Ebstyne King | Dec 6, 2021

Dr. Pamela King highlights the importance of pacing during the holidays, offering self-awareness practices to refocus on what matters most.

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An Invitation to Thrive

By Pamela Ebstyne King | Nov 1, 2021

Dr. Pamela King invites leaders to reimagine and lead in new ways in order to enable all people and communities to thrive.

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Helping Our Healthcare Workers: A Primer to Moral Injury

By Stephanie Trudeau | Aug 25, 2021

Dr. Stephanie Trudeau shifts the conversation from burnout to moral injury, presenting ways we can help those experiencing moral injury.

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A Purposeful Summer

By Susan Mangan | Aug 16, 2021

Dr. Susan Mangan offers summer activities to help us identify and understand our purpose as we enter a post-COVID world.

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Elevating Ourselves and Our World: Activities to Unlock Elevation

By Susan Mangan | Aug 5, 2021

Dr. Susan Mangan provides two research-based activities to help us get started on experiencing elevation.

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Elevating for Social Change

By Susan Mangan | Jul 28, 2021

Dr. Susan Mangan explains the role and benefits of moral elevation in inspiring us to help our communities.

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