A Practice: Dr. Lisa Miller on Closing Doors so Others Can Open

Episode Summary

Dr. Miller leads you through a practice where you imagine two doors – one red and one yellow. The red door is closed to you and the yellow door is open. How can you use this practice to understand opportunities and direction for your life? How can you identify how you have been guided along the way?

Show Notes

  • Invite a time when you really wanted something - a job, a person to say, “yes,” or an acceptance letter.
  • Imagine that you grabbed the handle of the red door and it was stuck.  You kicked the door because it was stuck. You were prepared to go through it but couldn’t,
  • You shifted 180 degrees because it was stuck - and saw a yellow door, wide open.
  • You crossed over to an opportunity that was open and good.
  • On the other side there was someone who was more right for you, or you got into a better school program, or got a better job - better for you than you had wanted.
  • When you think about the time of the stuck red door and the hairpin turn to the yellow door - was there anyone there who was your guide encouraging your turn?
  • This is a trail angel who guided you to a hairpin turn.
  • How are these moments formed, or are some of the most important parts of our lives guided in some way - who helps us discover our journey?
  • Where in your road of life is God or your higher power?  Are they in the open yellow door and in the stuck red door?
  • Are they in the trail angel?
  • What are the guiding moments and deep kind of knowing and perceiving that is our birthright?

Listen to the Full Episode - S1:E1 Loved, Held, Guided, and Never Alone: The Science of Spirituality with Dr. Lisa Miller.  Here Dr. Miller guides you through a practice that will help you understand how to recognize doors that are open to you and doors that are closed, so helpful for finding a path forward when facing obstacles.


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