March 23, 2024

Christian Flourishing in a Secular Age: Challenges and Opportunities Post-Conference Workshop

Pam spoke at one of the Post-Conference Workshops of the 'Realigned' conference by Christian Association for Psychological Studies on March 23rd, 2024.

2024 Pre-Conference Workshops

Christian Flourishing in a Secular Age: Challenges and Opportunities

Elizabeth Hall
Victor Counted, PhD
William Hathaway, PhD
Pamela King, PhD, MDiv
Katelyn Long, MA

In a world increasingly influenced by secular ideologies, the practice and understanding of Christian beliefs may seem at odds with prevailing cultural norms. Yet, these beliefs and practices may be key to a flourishing life, raising a complex and compelling question: How can Christians flourish in a secular age? The session “Christian Flourishing in a Secular Age”; addresses this question by exploring the intricate relationship between secular values and Christian living. Presenters will dissect the challenges and opportunities that arise from this interaction, discussing empirical evidence, psychological insights, and practical strategies for living out faith vibrantly in contemporary society. Emphasizing the concept of “abundant life,” this session offers insights into how Christian virtues can lead to individual and communal well-being, even in the face of secular dominance and human suffering. It invites attendees to a nuanced and critical examination of spiritual growth and flourishing in our current age.

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