January 13, 2024

Christian Association for the Psychology of Faith in Hong Kong


How Christians deal with life’s uncertainty

Date & Time:

13 January 2024 (Sat, HK time), 9:00am – 6:00pm


Room 11.18, 11/F, Jockey Club Teaching Building, University of Hong Kong, physical, no online meeting
In human growth, whether health, education, career, marriage or family, there are many variables in themselves or in the environment, many of which may not be certain. Hong Kong people have experienced social unrest and the swings of the epidemic over the years, and social and group divisions have been torn apart; outside Hong Kong, there are economic and political tensions, and we are not sure if these will affect us. In this uncertain environment, people can be anxious, irritable and even depressed, what resources can Christianity give us, is there any lessons and promises in the Bible to help us face it? How do we use the knowledge of the land to draw/cooperate with these resources?
At the annual meeting in January next year, we hope to be able to answer these questions in a variety of ways so that Christians can draw on the resources to live a full life.


日期:2024年1月13日 (六)
時間:9:00am – 6:00pm (8:30am開始登記)
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