August 7, 2020

Spiritual & Mental Health for Children/Teens During COVID-19


What impact has the pandemic had on the mental and spiritual health of children and teens, and how can the church help? Hosted by the Humanitarian Disaster Institute and National Association of Evangelicals, this webinar discusses how the church can respond to the spiritual and mental health needs of children and teens as parents and educators prepare for the back-to-school season during the COVID-19 pandemic. CEO of KidzMatter, Ryan Frank, clinical psychologist at Florissa Center, Beth Cunningham and executive director of the Thrive Center, Pamela King share insights and answers to the questions looming in many church leaders’ minds.


Additional Resources

  1. Access the PowerPoint slides for this webinar here.
  2. Staying Grounded, Connected, and Directed through Disruption—Blog post by Pamela King on the Thrive Center.
Editor’s Note

This webinar was originally published by the Humanitarian Disaster Institute. Watch the original video here.


About the Author

Pamela Ebstyne King

Pamela Ebstyne King is the executive director of the Thrive Center and serves as the Peter L. Benson Professor of Applied Developmental Science at Fuller Theological Seminary. Her primary academic interests are applied research at the intersection of human thriving and spiritual development. Dr. King’s work combines theology, empirical research, and community engagement to further understand what contexts and settings enable all people to thrive.


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