May 27, 2020

DACA Thriving Tuesdays #1

Pushing Back Against Unhelpful Thoughts



Lisseth Rojas-Flores and DACA recipient, Norma Ramirez lead the first DACA Thriving Tuesdays webinar, introducing our self-care guide for undocumented individuals with and without DACA and sharing tips on how push back against unhelpful thoughts.


Additional Resources

  1. Grief and Mindfulness: The Importance of Checking-In with Your Body by Joey Fung
  2. Grief and Mindfulness: How to Manage Your Emotions by Joey Fung
  3. 7 Qualities of Mindfulness Trained in the Body Scan by
  4. How to Do Progressive Muscle Relaxation by Therapist Aid
  5. 5 Steps to Raise Your Emotional Awareness and Gain Control by Psychology Compass


Author’s Note

This presentation is part of our five-week webinar series, DACA Thriving Tuesdays in collaboration with Fuller Theological Seminary. See the full series here.

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