The Chinese Challenge: Children's Understanding of Nonhuman Minds

Each week, we will be posting new videos from The Chinese Challenge Conference in Hong Kong. This week, Dr. Justin Barrett, Director of the Thrive Center presents research entitled, "Dogs, Santa Claus, and Sun Wukong: Children's Understanding of Nonhuman Minds."

How do young people develop into thriving adults?

The Thrive Center strives to promote human thriving through relevant research and developing resources for individuals and organizations that help young people become flourishing adults.

Thrive Center Announcements

Thrive Center Director, Dr. Justin Barrett was interviewed for “The Table,” the blog for Biola University’s Center for Christian Thought. Dr. Barrett speaks about a number of topics studied at the Thrive Center, including cognitive development, spiritual wellbeing, social relationships, and humility. To watch Dr. Barrett’s interview and read the transcript, visit the article on “The Table” by clicking the "Read More" link below.

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Student Announcements

Students - We hope that you have a wonderful summer. Please check back in the Fall Quarter for lab and reflectorium information.

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