How the Internet Inflates Knowledge

In our modern internet age, it is easy to have at least some knowledge of almost anything after a simple search on a smartphone. Researchers at Yale University recently published an article examining how this influences our intellectual humility. CLICK HERE to learn more and to read the article. Photo Credit: Keyboard green via photopin (license)

How do young people develop into thriving adults?

The Thrive Center strives to promote human thriving through relevant research and developing resources for individuals and organizations that help young people become flourishing adults.

Thrive Center Announcements

Can video games be a religious experience? Dr. Ryan Hornbeck's (Thrive Postdoctoral Researcher) research in China has been picked up by PBS Digital Studios' "Game Show". Check out the video by CLICKING HERE.

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Student Announcements - Upcoming Thrive Reflectoria

Our first Spring Quarter Thrive Reflectorium will be held on Monday, April 20th, at the Fuller Guest Center from 4:30 - 6:30pm. Students - please check your email for more information.

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