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The Thrive Center is a multidisciplinary research center at Fuller Theological Seminary

We engage in empirical research to discover new knowledge that promotes thriving in adolescence. Thrive has a strong tradition of research in positive youth development, character virtue and strengths, moral development, and we are particularly interested in the role of faith and religion as a resource for thriving. Our purpose is to develop resources to help those who are dedicated to caring for youth and social change.

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Positive Youth Development

Youth thrive in a positive environment

Purpose-Based Identity

From performance to purpose

Character Identity

How can we cultivate character strengths?

Moral Growth

What creates our moral map, and where is it leading us?

Virtue Development

8 virtues that really matter

Spiritual Thriving

Where faith and science meet

Research that changes the world forever.

Distinct Research Projects

Our researchers pioneer new ways to promote human thriving. Like a phone app that nurtures character, or studying how prayer is a path to broader generosity.

The CharacterMe App

A mobile app that develops emotional awareness and regulation, and helps youth cultivate virtues like patience.

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