Known Unknowns or: How we learned to stop worrying about uncertainty and love intellectual humility

Post-doctoral researchers Dr. Peter Samuelson and Dr. Ian Church discuss intellectual humility and compare and contrast the definitions of intellectual humility of Google's Laszlo Bock and former US Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld.

How do young people develop into thriving adults?

The Thrive Center strives to promote human thriving through relevant research and developing resources for individuals and organizations that help young people become flourishing adults.

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Registration has opened for the 40th Annual Conference of The Association for Moral Education (AME), hosted by the Thrive Center. Click the link below to read more, or go to

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Student Announcements

Would you like to present your research at the Thrive Center Reflectorium? Click the title to learn more about how you can present your research in the Spring Quarter. Thrive Center Reflectorium Schedule, Spring Quarter: Monday, April 7th - 11:00am Monday, June 2nd - 11:00am

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