How do youth
develop into
THRIVING adults?

We conduct the research and develop the tools
that allow youth to go from merely existing to truly thriving.


Peter L. Benson Chair Installation

Thrive core faculty member Pamela Ebstyne King, PhD, will be installed into the Peter L. Benson Chair of Applied Developmental Science. Read more »

Life on Purpose: Resilience and the Power of Redeeming Relationships

In this All Seminary Council–hosted lecture, James Furrow shows the importance of relationships in finding one’ purpose. Listen now!

Building Homes With Athletes So Athletes Build Character

Thrive faculty member Houltberg knows the competitive world of young athletes can build character or undermine it. See what he is doing about that »


Our Mission

We promote human thriving by researching the development of child and adolescent spirituality, character, identity, and competence in context, and by guiding and informing individuals, organizations, and communities who assist young people to become flourishing adults.