The Big Picture on Thriving & Spiritual Health — Season One Wrap Up with Dr. Pam King & Dr. Jill Westbrook

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Episode Summary

Dr. Pam King and Dr. Jill Westbrook take a look back on the first season of With & For and its unique approach to exploring thriving and spiritual health. Together they draw upon insights from the twelve expert guests featured in this inaugural season—reflecting on their wisdom, and pulling key moments from each conversation to weave a tapestry of interdisciplinary scientific research, diverse spiritual perspectives, and practical guidance for a life of thriving.

Show Notes

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  • Why podcast about thriving and spiritual health?
  • Pam’s deep desire for people to thrive and become who they’re meant to be, with and for others
  • Practical and applicable insights for personal growth and well-being.
  • Bringing in experts from different research methods, spiritual traditions, and cultural backgrounds
  • Richie Davidson on declarative and procedural learning
  • Dan Siegel on integration
  • Growing through the throes of difficulties
  • Cultivating virtues and deepening relationships
  • Pam’s personal experience halfway through the season: caring for a child with a medical emergency
  • What helped Pam through the recent trauma?
  • When under threat, we go to what’s automatic
  • 5 x 7 breathing
  • “Her crisis was exacerbated by the fact that her coping skill was not possible.”
  • “My holding her hand was very calming for her.”
  • Cynthia Eriksson on trauma and activating the parasympathetic nervous system for
  • Alexis Abernethy on self-care, rest, and rhythms
  • “Coming home to my body… listening to my body… aware of the natural rhythms of my body… trusting our bodies more.”
  • “A nerd with lipgloss.”
  • Feeling Alone
  • Pam King’s deeply relational theology
  • Becoming is linked to our belonging and connection with others?
  • Shared and validated by another
  • Pam King’s co-authored book, The Reciprocating Self
  • Dan Siegel’s approach to “intraconnection” and research about attunement and awareness of others.
  • Alexia Salvatierra: “If you’re community is not well, then you are not well.”
  • Richie Davison on neuroplasticity: we have agency in our life changing and growing
  • Engaging in psychological or spiritual practices to expand our attention, deepen compassion, gain more insight into our values, and identify our purpose.
  • Find the Center for Healthy Minds Innovations App (FREE)
  • Purpose and Life Review with Bill Damon
  • Belle Liang on telling a story and finding your purpose through your own life narrative and “letting your life speak”
  • Sarah Schnitker and t he virtue of patience as a relevant and timely approach to life today
  • Miroslav Volf on joy and sorrow in the context of Christian faith and redemption
  • Hope for God’s presence amidst the sorrow
  • Psychology of belief
  • Theology is not just the study of God, but the knowledge and love of God, and seeking the kingdom
  • Life unencumbered and free
  • The Black experience and longing for living and dreaming unencumbered
  • Thriving involves systems of access and justice
  • “True human thriving contributes to a flourishing world. And our world will not be flourishing until all people live unencumbered.”
  • Dwight Radcliff on hip-hop theology and an embodied response
  • “Art engages us at the sensory level.“
  • Susan David on emotions as signposts
  • Art and beauty
  • Three tips for thriving based on Season 1 of With & For
    1. Lean into love for yourself—finding compassion and grace for yourself
    2. Find love in your relationships, co-creating meaning and purpose
    3. Lean into love in the narrative of your life and your place and purpose in your community and the larger, bigger story of the world
  • “Beyond-the-self” purpose as a central podcast value
  • What’s coming next for With & For
  • Thank you to our expert guests this season, our wonderful production team, and the administration and faculty of the Fuller School of Psychology and Marriage & Family Therapy at Fuller Theological Seminary

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About Dr. Pam King

Dr. Pam King is Executive Director the Thrive Center and is Peter L. Benson Professor of Applied Developmental Science at Fuller School of Psychology & Marriage and Family Therapy.  Follow her @drpamking.  

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  • Senior Director and Producer: Jill Westbrook
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