December 15, 2023

A Practice: Who’s at Your Table?

Connect to your spiritual source with this practice.

This is a guided practice adapted from our conversation with Dr. Lisa Miller that will help engage your understanding of transcendence and also provide a loving experience with your spiritual source.  Click here for a link to a printable version of this practice.

  • Take a moment to calm your body and mind. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Now envision a table before you. This is your table and you may invite anyone who truly has your best interest in mind—living or deceased—to your table. The people you have invited to your table are your council. As your council sits at the table, ask them if they love you. What do you hear them saying to you?
  • Invite your higher self to the table—the part of you that is beyond what you have or do not have, or what you have or have not done. This is your true, eternal, higher self. Ask you if you love you. What is your higher self saying to you?
  • Next, invite your higher power, whatever that looks like for you, and ask them if they love you. What is your higher power saying to you?
  • Finally, with your council at the table, what do they need to share with you? What do you need them to share with you?
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