May 14, 2024

A Practice: Values-Based Living

Identifying your values to figure out how you would like to show up in pursuit of what matters most to you

Intro to the Values-Based Living worksheet

Responding to change with openness can help our nervous system slow down, connect to the present moment, and recenter ourselves in our values. When the unexpected occurs, it is even more critical to tend to ourselves with compassion and kindness, rather than jump to conclusions or become stuck in a cloud of anxiety.

Explore the following practice to cultivate new patterns that allow you to open, be present, and centered in your values.

  • Sometimes we focus on checking off our To-Do lists or reaching the next goal, yet forget it is important how we show up as we pursue those things. 
  • In each of the 12 domains listed below, reflect on areas that are relevant to you. Identify your current concrete goals, and reflect on the values that you align with  – consider these to be the direction you are moving toward in your pursuit of what matters, especially during times of change. 
  • By being engaged in our values, we are able to be more present and centered in our lives.

*Concrete Goals: Consider an action that has a clear ending point, like completing a certification, making a phone call, etc.

*Values-Based Direction: Consider how you would like to show up in small consistent ways as you pursue the things that matter. Consider: How would you behave? Examples are listed below – choose from the list and/or add your own!


Lauren Van Vranken Thrive Fellow


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