October 14, 2022

A Practice: How might we access the transcendent?  

Accessing the transcendent can be pursued with tangible practices.

The following are are rituals or practices to connect us to the transcendent: 

  • We can participate in spiritual practices or a faith tradition.
  • We may feel a sense of purpose or calling for a particular occupation or vocation. This calling can be the reason to do difficult work, to be present in parenting, or the calling can be a way to connect with a sense of divine relationship. 
  • We can reflect on the things that we value that point beyond ourselves – e.g. justice, beauty, love.
  • We can meditate or pray.
  • We can lament – as a way to express to a transcendent or divine presence about the ways that life does not “make sense.”
  • We can spend time in nature.
Cynthia Eriksson Dean of the School of Psychology & Marriage and Family Therapy ; PSYD Program Chair and Professor of Psychology, Clinical Psychology Department


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