Accessing the Transcendent: How might we practice something that seems so existential?  


The following are are rituals or practices to connect us to the transcendent: 

  • We can participate in spiritual practices or a faith tradition.
  • We may feel a sense of purpose or calling for a particular occupation or vocation. This calling can be the reason to do difficult work, to be present in parenting, or the calling can be a way to connect with a sense of divine relationship. 
  • We can reflect on the things that we value that point beyond ourselves – e.g. justice, beauty, love.
  • We can meditate or pray.
  • We can lament – as a way to express to a transcendent or divine presence about the ways that life does not “make sense.”
  • We can spend time in nature.

About the Author

Cynthia Erikson

Cynthia Erikson

Dr. Cynthia Eriksson is the PSYD program chair and professor of psychology in the clinical psychology department at Fuller Theological Seminary

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