April 30, 2023

Pam King on For the Life of the World Podcast

At the bedrock of our being as persons is relationality: our ability to be known, to be loved, and to know and love in return. But what kind of claim...

Episode #141 From Surviving to Thriving – Human Purpose, Relational Intimacy, and Spiritual Connection via Developmental Psychology

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In this episode, Pam discuss developmental psych as the observational study of human change and plasticity in the midst of a whole complex life; relational attachment for the sake of intimacy and exploration and ultimate purpose or meaning; the proper place of self-love; God’s enabling and loving presence as the ultimate secure attachment figure; the importance of learning, gaining skills, and the pursuit of expertise; The prospects of regaining emotional regulation through relationships; the game changing impact of deliberate psychological and spiritual practices to move us well beyond surviving to a life of thriving.

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