August 1, 2020

Study of Spirituality in America – Structural Topic Modeling

Our team uses cutting-edge structural model analysis to understand diverse spirituality in the U.S.

Project Dates

August 2020—August 2021

Thrive Research Team

Principal Investigator: Sung Kim

Co-Investigators: Pamela Ebstyne King and Stephanie Trudeau

Funded By

This project is an extension of the Fetzer Institute’s Study of Spirituality in America.

Project Overview

Applying cutting edge Structural Topic Modeling analysis to the rich qualitative data garnered by the Fetzer Institute’s Study of Spirituality in America, the research team seeks to understand a more nuanced and updated understanding of spirituality inside and outside of conventional religious traditions. Building on our expertise, the study applies the research team’s background in spiritual and religious development, civic engagement, thriving, meaning-making, spiritual coping, and structural topic modeling for further analyses of the interviews and focus groups in order to present findings at academic conferences, publish the study in top tier academic journals (i.e., Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion, Psychology of Religion and Spirituality), and to produce blogs and digital resources for distribution.

Media Coverage

Researchers at the Thrive Center analyze the common themes across diverse expressions of spirituality using Structural Topic Modeling.

Dr. Pam King draws from research to talk about how spirituality is linked to civic engagement in this interview with Dr. Jamie Aten.

In this part two interview with Dr. Jamie Aten, Dr. Pam King discusses the role spirituality plays on our behaviors and actions.

Using the Fetzer Institute’s research findings, Dr. Pam King shares insight on how spirituality can inform and inspire ones’s behaviors and ideals.


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