December 15, 2020

Tips for Thriving Through Unpredictable Times

Move from surviving to thriving by using the six tips in this post. Explore the links for deeper understanding.

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In order to thrive during times of uncertainty, we might have to rethink how we meaningfully connect with others and with the sacred and transcendent. Thriving is not an individual endeavor but something that we do with others and for the sake of others. The following are six tips on thriving that you might not have considered.

1. Strength-based Agility

Continue to expect the unexpected. Be proactive and play to your strengths to create the connections and joy you seek, but hold your plans loosely. Be agile and flexible to change, while also remaining true to yourself and your values.

2. Spiritual Practices

Maintain or adopt spiritual practices or rituals with your family and/or a close group of people (e.g., attending services, walking in nature, or eating a meal together). Be intentional about creating meaningful, awe-filled moments.

3. Loss and Grief

Approach feelings of grief, loss, and disappointment with compassion and grace. There may be moments when you don’t know whether to laugh or cry. Try a bit of both. Use mindfulness techniques to check in with your body and manage your emotions.

4. Supportive Relationships

Support your children and youth by helping them cope with uncertainty, regulate anxiety, and cultivate patience.

5. Positive Emotions

Pursue activities that will boost positive emotions like joy, gratitude, and humor to release tension and stress.

6. Generosity

Keep in mind the marginalized. Make sure to spend some time and effort to extend compassion and joy to others beyond those closet to you.

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