December 7, 2023

Do you have practices to support healthy spirituality?

Nurturing our spiritual health involves times of reflection and connection to our body, mind, and emotions.

It’s no secret that we all lead busy lives. No matter what season of life we find ourselves in, there is a defining, full rhythm and pace. The question is if the rhythm we are propelled by reflects our inmost values and allows us to live out our lives as healthy individuals—emotionally, physically, mentally, socially, and spiritually. 


To step out of a well-established rhythm is difficult. Making space to evaluate where our current habits and routines are leading us may provide motivation to pursue other practices that more accurately reflect our beliefs, goals, and purpose. Here are some questions to encourage moments of reflection and thoughts that can help you create habits and routines that serve you best as a whole person.


UPWARD: Do you have spiritual practices that connect you to your sources of love and transcendence?


Because spirituality is such an important part of our overall health, developing spiritual practices deeply influences our lives. There are almost endless ways to establish a practice that works for you. Whether it looks like prayer, meditation, breathwork, or attending your place of worship, what matters most is the presence of practices that align with your values and connect you with something beyond yourself.


There is a practice we love by Dr. Lisa Miller called, Who’s at Your Table?, that can help you explore your connection to your loving sources and develop patterns of connecting with the transcendent.   


INWARD: Do you have practices that draw attention and connection to your body and emotions? What are your habits for slowing down, finding meaning, and practicing gratitude?


The exponential boom in technology has eliminated so much of the slow, idle time of past generations. Today, stillness requires intentionality. Times of reflection, void of distractions, are invigorating spaces where we can check in with our bodies, reflect on the meaning of our lives, and develop our strengths.  


Healthy habits can give us time to process emotions, enabling us to pursue calm and practice gratitude


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OUTWARD: Do you have regular rhythms of connecting with others? Do your current habits move you toward your purpose? 


Our relationships with people often influence our perception of a loving God. Pursuing relationships that make us feel loved, supported, and understood greatly enhances our quality of life, both practically and spiritually. 


Additionally, the rhythms that we act out every single day are leading our lives somewhere. Reflection allows us to ask ourselves, “Am I headed in the direction I want to go?” Interrupting unhelpful habits empowers us to establish new ones that lead us into a purposeful life.

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